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Dear Seattle Seahawks fans Sherman and the other like minded individuals. It has been less than 24 hour since the game and from all of you I have countless posts, links to articles, interviews etc all in attempt to condone , or explain the behavior millions of people saw last night on their television. The first thing you clearly don't get is your actions condemn him even further, the existence of these articles and explanations only further proves how classless the act was. Class does not require explanations , it doesn't require others speaking for you , it doesn't require interviews or articles, classless are the ones that require excuses.  Class doesn't require knowledge of the whole story, because what they did to you in the past is irrelevant because you are being judged solely on your actions.  Sports has had a tradition as long as the games themselves that once the game is over both teams retreat to their own sides to quickly celebrate before meeting their opponent in the center of the field to shake hands and say "Good Game" that is because it demonstrates class, respect , and humility. Immediately running over to an opponent that you just beat on a single play before the game is even over and getting in their face is the opposite. A player with class rises above the comments, and antics of others inferior or not. A player with classis humble, has humility , respect , and control over there emotions. The interview demonstrated none of these.  A player with class wins with his actions on the field and lets the end result do the talking for him, there is nothing to "back-up" . No one in life is above these things, no one played well enough they can be an asshole , they are just an asshole.  Sherman maybe a genius for all I know, he certainly has raised above some challenges starting where he did and becoming a graduate from Stanford , he might be a hell of a nice guy off the field , he can even donate all of his salary to helping those less fortunate, hell he could cure cancer, but unfortunately one thing ignored throughout his conquests, through out all his education , the one thing he clearly didn't learn was class! _and you cant link, post, or defend your way out of that. Sad that apparently a great guy for ever ruined his reputation in front of millions of people at such a great moment in his career last night, but as I said above the mere fact that we are here talking about it today just further incriminates him 

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So after Reading all this BS against +RootzWiki and +steven smith I decided to write my own opinion on this whole situation

First of all I just want to thank everyone for once again trying to create a new low for humanity. +RootzWiki gives out devices for free to community members and Developers because it wants to help build an amazing Android Community where all reap the rewards with cool customization and added features and functionality. What do they ask in return ? Nothing they hope you use their site in a polite and respectful manner. This may achieve them more hits and ad revenue (at least I hope it is for them) but the goal is a friendly community for all the modders and enthusiasts alike.

Yet People act like its a rigged lottery system in there local state or country, and worse yet they act with a sense of Entitlement like for some reason something is owed to them in the first place!! <-- This is something that is plaguing the android community and honestly the world as i feel it is very common place feeling in the youth these days. Think about this +RootzWiki is providing you a place to go and find other people blood sweat and tears (Roms, Themes, applications, hacks) free of charge , it is providing a community where ALL are welcome even if they have nothing or can not contribute in any means. On top of this amazing thing they are giving away free devices that cost $500- $1000. Where is the beef ? I don't care if their criteria is they pick their favorite profile pictures or who has the same birthday as them!! Its their money and their phones they can do what every they want with them and they don't owe you jack shit , not even an explanation !! Can you feel disappointed if your a Developer that didn't win on a device you really want ? Sure thats a natural feeling to an extent, I my self know that I am the most unlucky person in the world and have never won anything, I couldn't win a cake at a cake walk in elementary school when the only other 2 contestants where my 2 brothers!! But lets get real about this, and stop acting like a bunch of whining, ungrateful, spoiled brats.

Lets be real about Developers for a Minute, and discuss why this is such a good thing

Now just to clear the air before we begin I know there are some (a by far minority) that develop for sites like XDA where it is obvious their sole goal it to receive "Donations" but they are not hard to pick out, and either do or do not donate to them its up to you.

The far majority of Developers or hackers or modders how ever :
1. Do it because it is a hobby
2. Do it to get the most out of their hardware (functionality and longevity)
3. Don't "Expect" Donations
4. could never acheive a salary above $0.05 cents per hour for there work (from Donations)

For purposes of this discussion i will use my self as the main example, I am not even good IMO and have only recently been contributing to the OS community even though I have been a part of Android sense pre pre-orders for the G1.

So lets look at why +RootzWiki giving away devices to developer are good for everyone :
Devices are expensive, and if you are a Developer and this is your hobby.. Congratulations you have just picked one of the most expensive hobbies, let your GF know her ring is on the back burner and most gifts to her and family will be handme down phones that her and your family prob could care less about. You are going to need expensive computers and will constantly be trying to purchase new and better devices and components. While most people get a new phone for $99 everytime there contract comes up on their family plan with the carrier, you will be buying 2-5 devices a year at full price off contract at $500-$1000 per device. You will now have very little social life and you will be working many days straight through the night without as much as a shower. You may work for day's on end and oh yeah thats right this is not a paying job. Not only this but no matter what you accomplish there will be several thousand people ready and waiting (while harassing you that your taking to long to give them what they want for free) to critic your work find bugs and complain at what a shitty job you and your team did. While 90% of these people have no idea whats going on and will be unable to even follow the simple step by step directions you laid out for using and flashing your Work in the OP they are sure in the fact this is just because you have the secret handshake required to get the software that magically creates all these things they desire automatically.

Never the less this is what you choose to do and you buy the Motorola Atrix right after CES (once again just using my self as an example) upon receiving this device you quickly learn that its locked down with the same level of security that the Government or military would use to protect their secrets, although this will get you very little sympathy from the people in the forums waiting on you to produce your free work that allows them to obtain free services and functionality from the devices they bought.

Fast forwarding ahead, you and your team have worked for 8 months and 10000's of hours and your team of 6+ are nearing completion of all of your work and while you plan on maintaining the device for another couple of years (free of charge) you would like to purchase some of the latest hardware because you are a geek after all and every 6 months newer better devices, CPU's , OS's , and hardware are released and you are no longer cutting edge. On top of it because you have made this your whole life and without more work to do, you feel empty inside. Your team has also gained popularity and people are now asking you to support other devices. So you do what you do and search and research and find that next device you "have to have" and see you need $769 for it. So you and your team agree on that next device and you look into your donation bin from your last project and you see you have been given $1600 by a few VERY generous, grateful people that contributed their hard earned money along the way. While not all of us are math majors most are capable of realizing that at best we all have $266 for the 8months of work and taking that away from the $769 of the next device means were going back in the hole another $502 per person. (not including taxes, shipping, tarrifs, customs, etc because I know my team is across the globe and im sure many others are as well)

Now I am not suggesting or asking that people "Donate" more, and I did not expect or ask for the $$ we did receive and we are eternally grateful. This is a "hobby" after all, but it is easy to see how even successful projects get very expensive for the people actually doing the work.

^^^ This is the gap the +RootzWiki understands and is doing its best to close. It knows that the more developers it can get the latest hardware in the hands of, the better we will all be. Now it can't and should't have to give Every developer a phone or device but it is very generously doing what it can to help easy the burden. This week +steven smith got F'd over by Expansyas charging him thousands of dollars and shipping him an order they already told him they could not complete and forced him to go else where for. Just like the rest of us +steven smith has a family and it is the holiday season, I reached out to him because while i was not sold on the Galaxy Nexus mostly due to the $769 price tag and it being the holdiay season, I told him that I didn't want to see him screwed over and out alot of money and stuck with devices he cant use (they are gsm, he's verizon). He than told me to wait a minute cause he was going to make everyone an offer. Rather than selling me the device for what he paid for he turned around and offered all the extra devices to developers for $500 a piece taking at least a $269 hit on each one!! Thats right he was buying a lot of devices to GIVE AWAY, got screwed over by a company in the process but than still came back and hooked up my self and others taking the loss him self in order to help us out. Next he gave out the first set of devices he promised to a few well deserving developers. Now I have never met +steven smith in person, and I have only talked with him a few times but from the actions I see out of him every day I am personally offended that some of you choose to challenge his motives, or question his character. When I look at what has transpired this last week I only see one stand up guy and an attitude of a community that sickens me. This attitude will only ruin it for others, if you were a developer that did not get picked for a free phone, than if anything it should drive you to work harder produce more and to continue posting at +RootzWiki so that maybe you can get picked next time, any other attitude is just wrong!! Hell the contest even states that anyone that gets a device from RW is not eligible for anther device for a period of time, meaning your chances to win the next one just got better !!

In closing support +RootzWiki , and good people like +steven smith that are trying to do things that better society not bring it down. Be happy for the people that won devices and hopefully they will find some cool things to do with the devices and help all of us out. Get your head out of your ass and fix your attitude and this poor me , and the "you owe me " BS , if you can't... do the world a favor, I'll donate it , you can WIN a shovel , use it to Develop your self a hole out in the woods, somewhere remote. Make it about 10 ft deep and 10ft wide (allow for your big head) than kindly throw your self in it !!

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