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The best of weddings and love stories in the South
The best of weddings and love stories in the South

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How to Decide Between Full-Service and Partial Wedding Planning

We’ve asked our friend Sarah from Make It Posh to send over a few questions to ask yourself as you’re deciding which type of wedding planner is right for you. And, just to lighten things up, we’ve sprinkled throughout a few of our favorite photos from a recent editorial Sarah worked on!

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Shiloh Farms Wedding by Anna Shackleford

There are few things more Southern than a community coming together, which is one of the many reasons Erica and Daniel’s wedding was so magical! Their family and friends helped with everything from offering up their gorgeous property as a venue, to building and crafting reception details, to bartending and cutting the cake on the night-of. Getting married at a private residence is no easy feat, but with all hands on deck, Shiloh Farms certainly turned into the perfect home for this joyful celebration. Erica and Daniel also went out of their way to get to know their vendors on a personal level, so even the folks who started out as strangers became part of the community that made this day extra special!

Many thanks to our Blue Ribbon Vendor Anna Shackleford for sharing this day with us!

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10 Creative Summer Lovin’ Date Ideas

It’s easy to feel like summer 2016 has come and gone… but we’re big believers in taking advantage of the remaining long days and sunny skies to cultivate our relationships and grow closer to our S.O. Here are a few of our favorite summer date ideas to squeeze in before September comes around because after all, the time and effort spent reconnecting and trying something new together will always be well worth it!

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Florida Citrus Wedding by Sarah & Ben

When I hear the word “heirloom,” it’s hard not to imagine a very classic and traditional aesthetic. However, Dacie and Dennis’ bright and citrus-inspired wedding is anything but! It’s fun and youthful, but it’s also filled with family heirlooms and community treasures. Getting married in her parents’ backyard meant Dacie and Dennis got to tap into one of the best parts of the South: community. When her parents’ vines hadn’t quite grown enough to cover their ceremony arch, Dacie’s mom’s friends stepped in to supplement the vines with all sorts of greenery and flowers. Even her grandmother brought cosmos from her own garden! My favorite part of the decor, though? Dacie and Dennis’ table was layered with planks of wood from when her parent’ home was built, table runners sewn by her paternal grandmother, and topped with vases and candlesticks from her family’s collection. I can’t help but mention how fitting it is that Dacie found her beautiful dress at The Sentimentalist!

Thanks for sharing, Sarah & Ben!

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Southern Style: Packing for a Fall Honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon does not always mean bathing suits and sundresses. Brandon and I went to France (in December!) for our honeymoon, so we were actually packing the opposite: jackets and boots! If you’re planning a honeymoon this fall to a locale filled with cool, crip air, and you’re not sure what to pack, I’ve got you covered. Think simple pieces that can easily be layered as the evenings get chillier, and mix and matched to create extra outfits, depending on the length of your vacation. Pairing a cute dress with tights and the same booties you wore with skinny jeans and a warm sweater for exploring the town will help both your suitcase and your wallet!

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Gilkinson Farm Wedding by Bella Grace Studios

When you combine a family farm, fluffy spring blooms, and a couple that is clearly smitten with one another, you know a wedding is going to be a good one, and that is certainly the case for Julie and Jonathan! Even though they were planning their wedding during a super busy season of life, they were dedicated to preparing for marriage and incorporating as many intentional moments into their celebration as they could. Some of those were planned, like their first look and foot washing ceremony, while others were a surprise–Julie was shocked when she and her parents rounded the corner to find Jonathan singing and playing her processional song on guitar at the other end of the aisle!

Thanks so much to Bella Grace Studios for sharing this lovely day with us!

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6 Tips for Planning Anniversary Photos

Though your wedding might be your first chance to have professional photos taken of the two of you, we certainly hope it’s not your last! Candids and snapshots tell an important part of any relationship’s story, but a thoughtfully planned and executed portrait session can also be a meaningful and beautiful way to mark time. And because another year of marriage is the perfect opportunity to book a session, here are our six best tips for planning anniversary photos!

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Trump Winery Wedding by Ashley Cox

Though I have lived all over the country, I have always felt that there is something magical about the South. Of course, I am sure I’m a bit partial having grown up below the Mason-Dixon, but if Veronica and Patrick are any indication, my love is justified! Veronica and Patrick visited Trump Winery while dating and were quite smitten, so post-engagement, they didn’t have to look around much before deciding to invite their friends and family there to celebrate their marriage with a destination wedding. These two might not have a drop of Southern blood in them, but with the help of Cinda Hoege of White Birch Events, they planned a sweetly Southern soirée, complete with a family-style dinner that’d make even a born-and-bred Southerner feel right at home!

Thanks to Ashley Cox for sharing this Charlottesville beauty!

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Classic Monogrammed Wedding by Kati Mallory

We love a classic wedding around these parts (all my own hands raised!), but lately, I’ve been trying to come up with the reason why. Why is it that a lace gown makes us weak in the knees, nothing on earth is cuter than a traditional flower girl, and it doesn’t get any sweeter than a tiered white wedding cake? I can’t answer for everyone, of course, but to me, the magic of the classics is that they feel like rites of passage–there is a sense of tradition about these elements that makes a wedding day feel real, turns an ordinary couple into a bride and groom, and creates moments that will be forever revisited. Ally and Gabe combined their favorite classic wedding elements with a big dose of hospitality and a special place in their hearts for the great Southern tradition of community–their ceremony venue came to be when Ally’s mama knocked on a perfect stranger’s door!

I’m so confident Ally and Gabe love looking back at the images our Blue Ribbon Vendor Kati Mallory captured as much as we loved taking a peek at them–and that they will continue to do so for many, many years to come!

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The Best Wedding Ceremony Readings

As much as I loved finding my dress and dreaming up reception details, and all those other fun to dos that come with wedding planning, the one thing that really fired me up every time I sat down with my wedding planner was thinking about our ceremony. When this thing went wrong and that thing was too expensive, or whatever other mishaps arose, picturing walking down the aisle to Dave, saying our vows, and hearing the songs and readings we had selected brought my heart so much peace.

Your ceremony is, without a doubt, the most important part of your wedding day (it’s the only part of the day that actually gets you married!), and it’s a unique opportunity to show your guests why you’re all gathered together. Through the ceremony you plan, you can tell people your love story, share what you value most, honor the people who are most important to you, and so much more.

One way to do that is through readings, whether you opt for some traditional, oldie-but-oh-so-goodie Scripture readings you want to base your marriage on, you choose a poem or excerpt from a book that’s meaningful to you, or you go a creative route with an old love letter or favorite song. Once a month, we’ll be sharing a few ceremony readings we love, with the help of many friends and a few brides we’ve featured–be sure to pin your favorites to reference when the time comes!
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