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ISO InDesign Expert for Hardcopy Membership Directory from data-driven content

I am in search of an Adobe InDesign EXPERT with EXPERTISE importing and styling XML data (or similar expertise) for a hardcopy member directory.

I am a Web developer. I built for one of my clients a membership Web site that includes an online membership directory, generated dynamically from the membership database. Membership consists of approximately 2500 members from about 500 organizations.

Once a year, my client needs to create and distribute a hardcopy of the directory to a subset of the members (those who opt in to the hardcopy; last year it was ~800). The client has their own commercial printer. The hardcopy directory is roughly 8.5 X 5.5 and is bound on the left hand side with spiral binding and is printed back to back, so the margins have to be mirrored for easy cutting and binding. The client would like to have the directory final by the first week of July so that they can go to print.

Please contact me if you would like to explore this opportunity and if you possess the expertise specified.

(I have a couple of bids already, but my client wishes to have more.)

Jeff Cohan

Is this a job for XML Import?

(I'm not an InDesign user; I'm a Web developer/programmer.)

My client has a 2500-member online membership directory (XHTML) which I created from its membership database. Once a year, she needs to generate and distribute hardcopies. Last year - wait for it - she copied and pasted into MS Word and spent hours formatting it.

Shouldn't I be able to export the data in an XML format that InDesign can import and format properly?

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MaAnna -

Well said, and I could not agree with you more. I've been dealing with hosting vendors since 1994 (22 years!). Based on my experience, I like to say, "It's not a question of whether your hosting vendor will go down the toilet; it's a question of WHEN." I did reselling for many years, more for the management efficiencies than for the revenue. While I still have some legacy clients on reseller accounts, I don't do reselling any more. Like you, I make recommendations to clients. I tell them what I've learned about hosting vendors, and I recommend they sign up for the shortest contracts available.

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If you write, edit, or publish blog articles, you probably don't wake up in the morning hoping your blog articles suck. But let's face it: so many blog articles DO suck. In this short article, I'll share my extremely simple and fundamental rule for writing blog articles that don't suck. (If it weren't for all the evidence to the contrary, this advice would be so obvious as to be unnecessary.)

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Potentially useful snippet of SQL code for updating database tables when you did NOT create a CMS

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Is this how fast (slow) random orbital sanders are SUPPOSED to rotate? I just bought my first one - never used one before. I was really surprised at how slowly the disc seemed to rotate. Someone suggested it was an optical illusion, so I recorded this test on video.

I've used the sander, and it does seem to work. But without a frame of reference, I don't know how well it works.

Just bought my first Random Orbit Sander (Milwaukee 6021-21, up to 12,000 ocm). I expected the sanding disc to rotate much faster than it does. Is this normal? I'm guessing it's the oscillations/orbits, and not the rotation, that does the sanding work. TIA.
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