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Rafael Santos
A Father, A Husband, A Geek
A Father, A Husband, A Geek

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Braiding Hair
Being a father means that I have to learn to do things to help you. I do not think that the thought of me braiding hair ever entered my mind... and yet here is an example of me actually  doing it. Even more astonishing to myself is that I want to practice s...

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Setting Examples
As part of our ongoing conversation regarding my role as a father I have told you that I am here to share what I have learned with you. I think of one of the most important things that I can teach you is the responsibility that we all carry in setting the r...

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Petty Things
There are things in life that are important. There are many others that are not. Sometimes it is hard to tell the two apart. Success and happiness in life oftentimes depends upon our ability to tell which is which. I categorize the unimportant things as pet...

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Some sort of cosmic coincidence or a message from up above. Merely minutes after having a discussion about how parenting affects what your kids appreciate things where we specifically mentioned inviting your kids to stop and smell the flowers, look up at th...

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Believe.  That you are special. Not because anyone says so, no, simply because you know yourself to be. I can tell you a million and one things with little effect. Some you will believe, some you will not. Many things you will find interesting, others quite...

"To Fall"
Allow yourself
To feel weightless
Eyes closed
Fully immersed

To know that you fell
It's life's gift
To be loved
As you love first

-Rafael Santos

Today is not about the fancy dinners or the reversal of who plays chef in the kitchen. It is not about diamonds regardless of what De Beers would like you to believe. Today is a reminder to always allow yourself to fall. To Fall in love into the arms of those precious to you. Today I will allow myself the privilege and honor of falling into +Yasmine Santos

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Porsche air intake 

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Star Wars walkie talkies 😁

If I told you the plan you wouldn't believe me

Got notified of missed posts by some of my favorite people on here... I really need to get back to being a social being
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