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Christmas Goodie Bag Labels
Every Christmas as a family we do a cookie run. I spend the day baking and then we package up our cookies and spend the evening dropping them off around the neighbourhood to our friends and the kids friends and families.  I have created a generic label that...

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Why I Think You Should Make Hummus
I love
making hummus in my Thermomix – once you’ve invested in a jar of tahini (or you
can make it yourself), a few cans of chickpeas and a few other bits and bobs that
you probably already have banging around in your pantry it’s ready to go
whenever you wa...

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Thermolina's Printable Labels
I've been popping around all the different Thermomix pages and let me tell you there are some very busy people putting me to shame. I'm not sure if I'm going to get time to make some Christmas goodies to share with friends but it makes me feel better that a...

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Thermomix: 6 Days In Review
A big welcome to Sally McClinton who has kindly agreed to tell us what she thinks about her Thermomix on day six of owning it. From Sally: Now, cooking does not interest me. My husband did all the grocery shopping and
cooking until we emigrated to Melbourne...

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Cod With Citrus Butter
For dinner tonight we had Cod With Citrus Butter from the  The Basic Cook Book (I used guided cooking). It was delicious! To be honest I never cook fish so this was a bit out of my comfort zone.  Two out of my three kids weren't very happy though - but  I m...

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Poached Shredded Chicken
Poached Shredded Chicken has fast become one of my families favourite recipes - we all love it in our sandwiches. The recipe was given to me by Clare, another Thermomix consultant in my team and I'm so glad she shared it!  If you've got fussy eaters that do...

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A Survival Guide To Waiting 6-8 Weeks For Your Thermomix
Anyone who knew me while I was waiting for my
Thermomix to arrive knows that I was a raving lunatic! I decided I wanted a
Thermomix and I wanted it now! Together with a friend we waited for our Thermomixes
to arrive and we gushed at all the endless possibil...

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My Version Of A Salt Pig
Do you remember the salt pigs everyone used to have that sat on the top of the old stoves?  Now I'm getting back to basics with my cooking I'd been thinking how handy one would be. So I milled up some rock salt for 10 sec / speed 7. Popped it in a recycled ...
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