Oops - someone got it wrong!  Content Marketers got bashed when innocent

It appears that someone decided to paint the CM community with the same brush due to a handful of poor practioners. 
Credit where it's due, at least
+shel israel had the decency to admit to his mistake and publish an apology (takes some stones :D).

This is the type of thing I fear - and I'm going to blame it the "SEO Pros" and those of that mindset.
The CM industry, though hardly young, is still quite fresh.  This means it isn't popular/mainstream - and has some vulnerabilities ... the type that those of the "SEO Pro" variety ... now that "SEO is dead" would love to exploit.

So I think we will see a whole bunch of scum labelling themselves as Content Marketers, doing a damn poor job of it, getting spammy, pushing weak content ... and tarnishing the reputation of CMs the same way they screwed over the SEO industry!

Here's my hope ...
I hope that the CM community are not as lax or ignorant as the SEO Community - and shoot back!  I pray that they don't let their name get trashed, and instead stand up and point the finger of "you're crap" when it is required.
Else they will find themselves suffering.

#contentmarketing #forbesapology  
If you're not sure what "content marketing" really means, take a look at this article from Shel Israel on Forbes. It's a good story about a misperception and realizing there's a difference between the actions of a few shiny object opportunists and what the industry really stands for.
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