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MeMe's - are they Brandable?

Below is the original post by +Kenneth Buffa - but this post is based on the short discussion with +Lori Randall Stradtman on her share of it.

Now, for those of you that aren't aware of it;
* Picture based posts tend to be highly shareable.
* Cat based pictures tend to be highly shareable.
* Humour and Funny posts tend to be shareable.
Thus, in all - MeMe's tend to be highly socially valuable in regards to Shares.

But - how does this convert in regards to;
1) Real Engagement : as in comments, discussions etc.)
2) Branding : as in recognition of the creator/company, whether it can be used to increase traffic/conversions etc.

Would MeMe's work as well if we started including a little logo/motiffing in there?
Could we benefit by including a URL/tagline?
Could we use them as a form of promotion.advertising?

I think the answer is a tentative yes.
We've seen how humour can work in advertising.
We've seen how associated imagery can benefit a brand.
Thus, with some careful thought, picture choice and topical messaging - it should be possible to use MeMe's to push your brand a little further.

Would you refrain from sharing because there was a company logo in the corner, or a URL strip at the bottom?

What do you think?

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When I saw this, I thought "Another cat picture!  Gotta uncircle that dude"   I think if I saw a corporate logo in the corner, you would be uncircled for sure.
Even if the MeMe was inline with the company message, or covered a topic that the company covers?

You don't think that - with careful adjudication, the occassional corporate meme would help make them more approachable/personalbe?

[In my defence, I did spend a whole 3 minutes uhming and erming on whether to make this post with the cat picture :D)
If your company is selling cat food, fine to include the logo, if not forget it! A lot of this rubbish is highly shareable and will usually make ‘what’s hot’ but a disaster for most reputable brands.  
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