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Don't put garbage in your URLs!

This is actually a point that drives me nuts.  The nubmer of sites I've had to work on where they produce invalid URLs, or they have bad inbound links due to the CMS the linker has used ... ARG!

I think part of the problem is that some platforms/CMSs/Blogs do not validate/encode the URLs properly - they simply take the post title and use that for the URL after a little RegExing (spaces to hyphen etc.).
The other part of the problem is that many people simply haven't got a clue as to what characters are safe, which are "reserved" and which are unsafe.

So if you've had this issue - or think your system may have such a problem, then it's worth a quick read.
(And for those of you that haven't come across the Perishable Press site - stick around and read some of the other stuff, it's one of the few sites I've turned to repeatedly over the years.)

Anda  big thank you to +John Britsios for finding this originally!

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