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Google Plus welcome wizard?

Okay - I've been waiting to see this from Google ... but I've not seen/heard a peep about it.
So, I thought I'd not only make it a public suggestion, but see if we can get a little support for it, and pool ideas to make it the best possible experience.

The problem:
People are apaprently coming to G+, signing up, signing in and basically sat on their todd for ages.  They have little interaction, aren;t able to find people, don't see many content etc.
All in all - they find the experience somewhat sucky.
They are reliant on the help docs, tutorials and help psots of others - if they find them or are shown them.

The possible solution:
A "Welcome Wizard" - a process they can choose to use to help identify their interests, and get them started with the minimum fuss.

The details:
You create your account, come into G+, and get a little alert suggesting you use the G+ Welcome Wizard.
You click "yes".
You then get taken through a short process, asking you questions about interests, location etc.
Based on those details, G can fill in your profile with some basic data/information (all set to private).
It can also suggest specific Communities and Individuals that may be of interest to you.
From there, you can take additional "wizards" that would walk you through your Profile setup (including explaining the Privacy etc.), and searching for other people.

G could use information obtained from the profile to identify likely interestest, relevant communities/people, and even suggest local figures/groups/communities.

So, how does that sound?
Any further ideas to make it easier/better for new G+'ers?

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They do this, to a point, already.  It shows you a breakdown of categories, each with many pages/people listed in them.  You can drill in or follow the entire group with a single click.

It works well for people who get featured like this, too.  Once Fathead was added to the "Sports" group our fan-count started increasing by leaps and bounds daily.
Yes, they already do this (unlike at the time when we joined). But, judging from last time I've seen the initial setup (half a year ago), a lot more can be implemented to make things smooth for new people. Especially when they login the next day or two - give them little reminders on how to post and such...
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