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What is the definition of SEO?
(yes, there is the faint sound of me blowing my own trumpet with this...)

All I can say is ... it's huge!
Well, that and I cannot read most of it (I struggle with English as is, let alone Italian :D).
But it looks like +Andrea Pernici has ripped through the internet finding people such as +Bill Slawski, +AJ Kohn, +Martino Mosna, +Maurizio Ceravolo , +Dan Petrovic  and even little old humble, quiet, reclusive me +Lyndon NA  ... (stop laughing, I'm trying to blow the trumpet quietly :D)

It's actually quite interesting seeing the variations of the same theme in many cases (going to have to go and use a translator on some of this though - as I'm dying to see what the general trend was/is).

So the questions I have for +Andrea Pernici are;
1) What was the overal most prominent/popular definition?
2) What was the least popular/suggested definition?
3) How long did that take you to put together?

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I think that people is laughing in seeing me with all these great pros, not for you. :-)
I promise you that I will translate everything or remake something in English cause my introduction should be different for the English case. 
About your point I will answer when some other people will add their definition...I asked also other SEOs and I'm waiting, but +Enrico Altavilla had the same idea to identify the most used words.
I think this huge collection is a never ending :) But I started the document at the beginning of December 2012.
+Maurizio Ceravolo - you're in that last - thousands (hundreds of thousands?) are not.
You obviously made an impression that counted :D

+Andrea Pernici - that's a serious post, and ton of work.
I never expected it to be that, well, Huge!
Though you may not have created all the content - you proofed it all, and put it in place ... that's some awe inspiring effort :D
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