Understanding the Audience for maximum content and marketing gain

One of the things I like about the general content from Content Marketing sources is the focus on the User.
The piece by +nancy liberman is an example of this approach/philosophy - and highlights the general practical usage and advantage of following it.

Creating side-ways content (complementary, contrasting, non-salesly) helps generate traffic and community ... and helps you then feed traffic and PR etc. to the sales points.

Providing different content mediums increases your appeal channel, and may net you that extra traffic (and conversions) you may have missed, as well as helping you create a focused set of pages.

Personalisation and Suitability based on user monitoring can pay massively.
Though more applicable to things like e-commerce and digital purchases, you can still apply the fundementals to normal site traffic and readership ... identifying popular content types, topics and styles.

Then we get to point 4, and we see a little ORM come into play.  Knowing how to handle bad situations, how to turn the tide, having a backup plan etc. can all pay off ... and you have the opportunity to milk it some as well if you have your planning done properly and know your audience well enough.

Better yet - +nancy liberman even goes that extra step, and helps shed a little light on user monitoring and behaviour spotting :D

Go on, have a read and think.

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