It's not about Unique or Original!

One of the reasons I generally steer clear of this stuff is because I find it depressing. 

The fact that even "now", this long after the first Panda, after G providing a ton of info about duplication ... that apparently a % of the "SEO Community" still doesn't get it ... that they need to turn to someone else to get it explained (with pictures!) ...

Further - to make it blatantly clear - it is Not about Original or Unique!
It is about Quality and Value.
You can create 100% original/unique content that is crap - it won't do you much good.
You can take pieces of someone elses good content, add your own original crap ... it still won't be much cop.

As for the "magic number" bit (you need to change it by x%) ... I'm not convinced.
I'm sure G have some stuff in place to try to identify dupes, spun and possibly even poorly paraphrased content ... (I know I would have used a boil down/reduction approach by now) ... I don't see how they could make it to aggressive
(Is it me, or did Rand avoid using the word "paraphrased" for some reason?)

How Unique Does Content Need to Be to Perform Well in Search Engines?
+Rand Fishkin with +SEOmoz is talking about adding unique value to your content:

We heard a ton about "unique content" and "unique value."
I'll just add (and this is not "unique" as you heard million times about it) - don't hit that publish button if you have nothing to contribute. Don't post just because your blog needs "fresh content" or because it's a hot topic everyone's writing about. Rather, if there's nothing new - just post your thoughts and have a discussion on social media - that's better than having "just a typical" blog.

Same applies to social media and content curation. Always contribute something to what you share if you care about building your brand.

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