And your definition of Active is ...

"... defined as “Used or contributed to in the past month ..."

...some what questionable.

That's a rather large scope, don't you think?
It also utterly ignores several important factors;
1) The freuqency of activity (Hourly, Daily, Weekly etc.)
2) The volume of activity (a single "yes", or 200 posts)
3) Doesn't clarify whether "lurking" or "passive usage" counts or not
4) Doesn't state whether it is attempting to discount spam accounts
5) Doesn't seem to account for "ditchers" (those that signed up, lookked and left)
etc. etc. etc .

All in all the figures are next to useless - it's far to generic, broad and uninformative.
For all we know, the FaceBook users may be on Fb for 6 hours a day on average, making 40 posts/comments/likes, whilst G+ has made a significant jump in spam accounts, ditchers, lurkers and signed in accidentally whilst checking their mail.

Further, there is little comparison to previous data/months/years ... so we don't know if their is a trend in uptake/decline/migration.
For all we know, G+ may simply have acquired a bunch of users due to the time of year, and they have since dropped off, whilst FaceBook was having it's typical seasonal dip, and is currently on the up.

Now, I now I sound somewhat negative and down ... that's because I am.
I'm not attempting to knock +GlobalWebIndex - but it is kind of useless aside from a potentially skewed picture.
Maybe if they could do a followup post with some of the missing data for atleast a bit of a comparison?
(Admittedly not easy for G+ due to age)

H/T to +Pedro Dias for the share, and +Mark Traphagen has one as well.

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Google+ grows to become 2nd largest social platform globally

Wow, that was quick! Like I had said before it was only a matter of time! It's also interesting to note the decline in Chinese based social media sites...

Google+, who despite being branded a failure or ghost town by large portions of the media, grew in terms of active usage by 27% to 343m users to become the number 2 social platform. Interestingly for Google, YouTube (not previously tracked by us as a social platform) comes in at number 3, demonstrating the immense opportunity of linking Google’s services through the G+ social layer. This is also a key indication of why Google+ integrated with the Google product set is so key to the future of search and the internet. We’ve got more coming on Google+ later this week as well.

Source: +GlobalWebIndex 

cc: +Sergey Brin +Louis Gray +Natalie Villalobos +Brian Rose +Eric Schmidt +Vic Gundotra 
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