CSS Sprites - a different (and easier) approach?)

Using an image map and loading up non-content images from a single source is not exactly a new process.
It's what most of the big-boy/girl sites do (Amazon, Yahoo, google etc.)

The idea is that you only make 1 image request ... saves a ton of http requests (so much faster) and generally saves bandwidth (1 file with 10 images is roughly the size of 8 of those images, not 10).

Yet, it's not really taken off.
One of hte reasons is that it's a sod to implement!
All that math, and planning ... and the sometimes backwards layout you need to do.

Yet ... those nice people at Smashing Magazine have revisited the CSS Sprites,
and provided us with a nice methodical approach to make our lives that bit easier.

For those of you that do design work... have a peek.

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