Google Knowledge Graph - take advantage whilst it's fresh!
(Okay - so maybe it's not the GKG - but still good!)

The GKG is still new.  It still has "that smell" on it, still nice and shiny - it hasn't even been around long enough to have many complaints about it.

Though I have my own doubts/concerns about what the GKG may mean/cause - the reality is that G are very proud of that baby, and that it has much potential.

One of the few people I've seen that have looked at it, seen it's potential and looked at ways of benefiting from it is +Tim Capper ... who's been kind enough to put together a sort of "how to" for business/pages to take advantage of the Google Knowledge Graph.

So go have a look, follow the instructions and then let us know how you get on.
If you do well, don't forget to stop by and say thanks to Tim :D

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