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Whitespace - what is it for? Here's some potentials from G...

Cannot gaurantee that this is 100% legit, nor that all of these will occur, nor that other things may not occur ... but this should pacify all the whitespacers out there :D

Thanks to +Jim Munro for sharing this with me.

The G+ team may get mad at me for spilling the beans, but I think you deserve an explanation for the whitespace, and there are a few that all worked beautifully together:

1.You won't believe the things we have planned to fill the whitespace. A hint: 3-D. Animated. GIFs.

2. It's a space that the Glass interface can use to put supplementary info up over without interfering with the rest of the content.

3. There's a Google Venture-funded company that sells white pixels, and we're their first client.

4. User testing indicated that many people use their screens for illumination, particularly when on the go or in dark forests, and so we wanted to increase the overall luminance put out by our pages to assist people with that.

5. We're trying to woo certain museums to the Google Art Project, and we're showing them that we can speak in their design metaphor.

6. The "K" version of Android is dessert-codenamed "Kulfi", and we're subtly trying to get it out there. Over time the whitespace will turn more and more creamy and frosty-looking.

I'm so gonna get fired for this....
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I must admit - I'm wondering if G has a Fail Bin ... and they occassionaly selecta daft idea at random from it ... just to pee people off :D
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