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Pay to View YouTube (PayTube?)

Looks like G may be testing the water with subscription based channels/views.

this could put them in the market for things like LoveFilm and NetFlix,
as well as private webinars via Hangouts (or one-to-one sessions etc.).

The questions I have are;
1) How much control to you (as the provider) have?
2) How much does G take?
3) Can you opt out of ads, (or will that ofset G's cut)?
4) Will we see an increase in the normal-tube ad push?
5) How do you (as a viewer) complain and get your money back?

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Since I got my Google TV, I have begun to watch Youtube almost exclusively, as opposed to network or cable TV. I watched Talks At Google for two hours last night! I didn't realize, until I got this TV, that Youtube was far more than home made videos, music, and memes.

I may be willing pay a small subscription fee to some of the channels that I watch regularly. I don't think I would pay for one off content, though (assuming that all the lectures I watch don't go behind a pay wall).

It is a bit concerning that Google would eventually close off educational material from those who couldn't pay, and it is a bit of a violation of the contract Google has implied all these years: letting them sell my information, and advertise to me, in exchange for cool, free, stuff.

I am torn.
I don't think it would be G introducing PayWalls - it would be content producers.
+Lyndon NA there's a lot of unanswered questions that's for sure. I'm thinking of doing a post on this topic based on some people's misconceptions of this new announcement.
Oh please do!
(that said, if I'm one of theo nes having misconceptions ... be gentle :P)
+Lyndon NA I wasn't meaning to imply that you were, no. I had a very long think about the whole YouTube premium concept and have since decided to keep my mouth shut. Everything at this point would just be conjecture and I don't see what purpose that would serve.
Well, I like conjecture - keeps the brain active ... so go on, theorise (hypotherise?) to your hearts content ... Ill read it anyway (and labeling it clearly as such means you can't be blamed :D)
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