Pay to View YouTube (PayTube?)

Looks like G may be testing the water with subscription based channels/views.

this could put them in the market for things like LoveFilm and NetFlix,
as well as private webinars via Hangouts (or one-to-one sessions etc.).

The questions I have are;
1) How much control to you (as the provider) have?
2) How much does G take?
3) Can you opt out of ads, (or will that ofset G's cut)?
4) Will we see an increase in the normal-tube ad push?
5) How do you (as a viewer) complain and get your money back?

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I just saw this and I am kinda surprised  I wonder who would pay to watch a YouTube Channel? If they charge I will go elsewhere. I can see movies going here and that would be cool. 
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