Don't be fooled - If MS or Apple tried this, you'd complain

Though I can see where +AJ Kohn is comming from (and many others over the years),
they all seem to miss out certain somewhat darker points.

Google Corp is hypocritical.
They tell us not to create a bad User Experience by cramming out pages with adverts or forcing users to scroll down to find the content,
then flood their own SERPs with Adverts doing just that.
We are told that stealing other peoples content is bad - yet they will use your content however they see fit.  This includes displying your content in such a fashion that it may reduce CTR, and potentially causing an impact on your earnings.
Apparently we are meant to clearly indicate that a link is unnatural - yet they feel perfectly fine mixing some "natural" and "paid for" links together and utterly fail to tell the public some of the positions are paid for.

Google causes intentional harm.
Apparently they do have some form of Collateral Damage level.  The roll out certain changes knowing that they will impact innocent sites.
Worse yet, they do so whilst providing no means of rectification or rescue - they knowlingly sink some sites, and leave the innocent ones to suffer a loss of ranking and revenue.

They promote their own products over yours.
Though they do make some (tiny) effort to make it clear it isn't organic,
they will inject their own products/services at the top of the SERPs, forcing down the natural, organic listings that have earned the top positions.

So there you can see a company that is knowingly and intentionally causing harm, stealing content for their own benefit and doing what they tell others is bad.
Is that not "evil"?

If not - I dread to think what your definition of "evil" is!
Google's Evil Plan Is Simple (and not so evil)

Google’s strategy is to get people to use the Internet more. The more time people spend on the Internet the more time they’ll engage in revenue generating activities. As such, nearly every Google effort is focused on increasing Internet speed and access with the goal to shorten the distance between any activity and the Internet.

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