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So, blundering around the net whilst downing my 3rd coffee (long night) ... I find this on Michaels' site.

He covers, in a round about method, the topic of interlinking multiple sites; the reasoning/motivations many have, the base concerns you should consider etc.

All in all, it's actually not a bad read (if dry).

But ... I thought I'd flick in a heads-up and cover a few points that I know.
Please pay attention to all the points - as they kind of overlap and somewhat contradict if you don't read them properly!

1) Google has a radar.
Basically, there is a threshold - if you are below that threshold ... G doesn't technically care.
That threshold could vary depending on the sector/vertical/market - some markets are notoriously spammy (locksmiths, forex, medicines etc.).
But - so long as you are within the limits - you are fine.
It doesn't even matter if the sites are garbage (even if people file reports - you may get away with it, if they are considered as low-value markets/terms etc.).

2) Quality counts.
If you end up tripping the flag, if you exceed the threshold (or they move it/someoen reports it - and you end up on their radar) ... then you may get a manual review.
At this point - things like Quality, Relevancy and Trust will be important.
If you have 5 interlinked sites that are garbage - you may be in trouble.
If you have 10 Quality sites that are worth Searchers time, considered as Valuable and the site can be viewed as Trusted/Trustworthy - then you should be fine.

3) Google considers intent.
Again, if faced with Manual review - Manipulative Efforts may be considered.
Are those links their for the user, or for the bots?
If those links pass benefit to the Searcher/User - if they posses value/interest ... then again, you should be fine.
On the other hand, if the links look like nothing bar Relevancy/PR passing links with the intention of manipulating SERPs ... you may find yourself in trouble.
The reasoning behind the multiple sites could also be worth looking at.
Many multi-site setups are done purley for SEO (keyworded DomainNames, Attempts to Own the SERPs etc.).
Running multiple sites for different subjects is technically sound.
Running multiple sites for different markets is technically sound.
Running multiple sites for the same market, hitting the same/variant keywords etc. is not a good reason - and G may take that into consideration as well.

5) Bullet Proofing.
There are three types of bullet proof vest.
1) Importance
2) Popularity
3) Trustworthiness
If your site/content is deemed as being vital, of great import, essential to retain - you can get away with just about anything below e-murder.
If your site is incredibly popular, you can get away with most moderate crimes as any impact is likely to hit you and do less damage than a weaker site.
If your site can be seen as legit, if the business is verifiable, if you are seen as being real ... then you may find that somethings simply ignore you.
Keep those in mind - as technically, only a good site should possess all 3.
If you find that you are highly popular, but have no trust and no importance - that may cause you issues.
If you have a modicum of each ... then again, interlinking a number of sites should be fine (so long as most meet the criteria).
And remember - the worse your sites are, the more bullet proofing you will need (naturally, the spammier you are, the less likely you are to have a quantity of each).

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