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Analytics / Content : How to use GA to create semi-reasonable content ... maybe

Content analysis is not an easy task.
It doesn't help when people are recommended to read half-process pieces that miss out a lot of valid information.

The piece linked to by +Google Analytics is a prime example.
There's barely any research/analysis there - and it's missed a few important bits out.

Yes - you want to know traffic sources (and type).
Yes - you want to know the landing page (you should be starting there!).
But - what about Bounces?
But - what about Time on Page?
But - what about Read completion/Scroll depth?
But - what about Link Quantity?
But - what about Socialisation?
But - what about Lead/Conversion generation?
But - what about repeat visits?

See what I mean?

You need to look at various other figures - and you can't do it in Analytics alone.
You will have to export various bits and pieces,
and then stitch them together and do some sorting (and sub sorting).

Only by analysing that sort of data will you identify what content actually satisfies your visitors,
and which ones drive your business/site (if applicable!).
Those are the ones you should be focusing on.
Just judging it by "traffic volume" is going to result in a fair bit of wastage.

Further - You need to actually analyse the content (GA can't help with that!).
You need to identify the type of content, what purpose it fulfills, what keeps the visitor reading etc.
By applying negatives, you can look at weaker pages and see what may be putting people off, driving them away, stopping them from reading more etc.
Between the two processes, you can start identifying the retaining/converting points, and start trying to emulate them (whilst avoiding the negatives!).
*How to Use Google Analytics to Create Killer Content that Drives Traffic to Your Blog *
#measure #analytics

"If you’re trying to increase your traffic, one of the best things you can do is check your analytics to see what type of posts have driven the most traffic to you in the past and then build on that."
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Google : You're in control of your data in Search...

Nice catch by Robert McGregor over on Twitter,

Googles latest pop-up gives you No information,
just a choice!

But don't worry, it's just a minor UI slip-up.
They forgot to include the WTF button :D
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Google : Welcome to Googlepedia!

I'm on Twitter having a discussion about "things, not strings" with +Bill Slawski,
and he presents an example of "to be, or not to be".

After a bit, I decide to go see what it is that G gives me as a results,
and lo... Googlepedia!

2 Blocks, 1 Organic listing and yes, if you start interacting with the "also asked" block, they show up in there (about 6th question?).
That's 3 presentations by default, and a 4th with an interaction.
Bias much Google?

#GoogleSERP #Wikipedia #Googlepedia #DarthAutocrat
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SEO : Google wants Your input!

There seems to be a call-out from +Danny Sullivan over on Twitter for feedback

via +Roger Montti at +Search Engine Journal
(+Barry Schwartz has one too (and his Twitter references are Clickable! (Shame on SEJ!))

The twitter post in question is...

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Twitter : Great start to using Twitter...

I guess this is because I was faffing around with passwords?
Opening Dev Tools?
Performing multiple reloads?
Using Incognito mode?

And there they are, passing details to Google too :D

#Twitter #TwitterSucks
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Social / Twitter : Just how secure is Twitter?

You here about accounts getting hacked etc.,
and you're left with the impression that these are super smart hackers,
breaching Big Names like Twitter.

As per the image below - your password only needs to be 6 characters long.

But you can't have a "weak password" (so you cannot have a password that consists of only 6 lowercase, or 6 uppercase, or 6 numbers - you have to have at least 1 character from 2 types (so 1 UC and 5 LC, or 1N and 5LC).
Doesn't that make you feel soooooooo much more secure?

(UX note - they don't tell you this - you have to figure it out yourself!)

Twitter - your passwords suck!

So, minimum of 6 characters, 2 sets ... 26 chars LC, 26 chars UC or 10 chars numeric.
Lets be nice, and go for the stronger pairing, Uppercase and Lowercase.
Standard Desktop PC ...... About 3 minutes
Fast Desktop PC .............. 49 seconds
GPU .................................. 20 seconds
Fast GPU .......................... 10 seconds
Parallel GPUs ..................... 1 second
Medium size botnet .......... 0 seconds

That's pathetic!

Let's go with a weaker pairing, but recommended 16 characters;
Standard Desktop PC ...... About 12 thousand years
Fast Desktop PC .............. About 3 thousand years
GPU .................................. About 99 years
Fast GPU .......................... About 49 years
Parallel GPUs ................... About 5 years
Medium size botnet ........ About 9 hours

6 Characters my hairy left foot!

#Twitter #Passwords #DarthAutocrat
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Google Carousel - oops!

So for various reasons (+Sasch Mayer told me to!),
I went and Googled :

I see a panel with images on the right, and a link to "view 10+ more",
so I click it.
And I end up at
with the carousel showing as the image below :D


#GoogleCarousel #SERPCarousel #ImageCarousel #GoogleOops #DarthAutocrat
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SEO : Did Google change what RankBrain does?

As far as I understood it, #RankBrain is a Semantic System,
the part of the algo that handles synonyms/associations etc.

It's used for unrecognised queries, and attempts to identify semantic matches (alternative phrases), or semantically similar results (approximations, most likely matches etc.).
It may also be used on content to expand the relevance set (or even score the relevancy better?).

But time and time again ... UX .

Almost every article, post or guide I see that references Rank Brain,
(like the one by +Ayodeji Onibalusi over at +Search Engine Watch),
I see them bleat on about how it measures/rates/ranks pages based on User Experience.

Did I miss something?

Was there an announcement or something that I didn't see?


#RankBrain #GoogleSearch #UXorNot #SearchEngineWatch #DarthAutocrat
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SEO : Link Disavowal Criteria

The link is to the latest post by +Jenny Halasz over at +Search Engine Journal.
In this installment, she answers a question about Disavowing a link that sends traffic but has a low Domain Authority (DA) score.

I'm happy to say that Jenny's 100% on the money.

The ONLY reason to disavow a link is if it is Spammy!

It's 2018.
We've had the LDT for 6 years.

When it was first announced, the common consensus in the Google Forums was that much like the URRT (URL Removal Request Tool),
it was going to cause damage due to misunderstanding and misuse.

And we were right!

It's 2018 - and there's still a number of moronic SEO's that use the LDT on links based solely on things like Domain Scores (or whatever metric they use from whatever tool they use).

There is ONLY one reason to remove a link,
It's Spammy.

It doesn't matter if the link supplies traffic or not (nice if it does, better if it converts :D).
It doesn't matter if the link is on a low-value page.
It doesn't matter if the link is on a low-value site.

So long as that link is "organic" (you haven't arranged for it nor paid for it (directly, indirectly, personally or via a 3rd party etc.)),
and the page/site it comes from isn't garbage,
then keep that link!

If your SEO comes back and says something akin to;
"We can can get rid of these 50 links because none of them have a DA above 25",
fire the moron,
(Then go find a real SEO and ask them to audit your LDT file and check to ensure the moron didn't harm your rankings by nuking legitimate links!)

#SEO #Links #LinkDisavowal #LinkDisavowalTool #SearchEngineJournal #DarthAutocrat
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