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Arg - WTF is this?

Seriously - is anyone else struggling with the new interface?
Why on earth would I want 2 columns of content?

It ssems I now have to do much more clicking?

Yes - bigger pictures - wnoderful!
I assume this is a change for the mass-moron-majority, rather than those that use it a lot?
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Google Webmaster Tools for beginners - solid list/info

It isn't how I would have done it - but I am impressed none the less.
So if you aren't 100% sure with GWT, it may be worth looking through this lot to get a better grip on it.
My latest +Koozai blog post is a handy collection of links for Google Webmaster Guidelines and Google Webmaster Tools
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Hmmmm .... either there is something wrong with G+,
they've altered settings,
or no one out of the 250+ that I circle has posted anything in almost 12 Hours?

Did the world end and no one sent me the memo?
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Wires crossed, or intentional "Fear of Google" play?

Looks like someone is either playing on peoples fear and lack of understanding (which is disgusting!), or are highly ill-informed /misunderstanding things badly.

Which do you think +iCrossing UK may be guilty of?

#SEO #LinkDisavowalTool #BacklinkRemoval  
+iCrossing UK Please do not send out blatant falsehoods in your link nofollow/removal requests !

We are trying to remove or "no follow" links pointing to us in order to protect us from impending Google updates ... If removing the link isn't possible it has been asked that we use Google's disavow tool to de value the link, but this in turn could result in Google deindexing your domain.

Whilst the former seems like more hassle from a webmaster's point of view this may have a negative effect on the SEO value of your website and your Google visibility, as well as ours.
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Changing Domains can be painful and costly!

Despite it being well established, covered in numerous forums and hudnreds of articles ... far too many people do not grasp the problems and costs of Changing a Domain Name.

1) People Change without Redirects.
May sound silly to those in the know - but for many ... they simply ditch the old DN and attach the New DN ... and think things should be fine.
They suffer a loss of established traffic as the old URLs nolonger function, and an SE drop as no values are passed.

2) Poor redirect setups.
Mistakes can/do happen - esp. when dealing with very large/huge sites with thousands of pages.
But, when core pages result in errors, or redirect loops, or go off to the wrong page - it can cause visitors to turn to a competitor.
Just as bad is the SE impact - loss of value transfer, or it going off to the wrong pages (which may cause a reduction in value if not loss) etc.

3) Redirect Chains.
Redirect Chains (multiple pages redirecting to each other in sequence) can compound this issue - it can slow the site up, and the loss of value through a redirect is likely getting compounded as well (-15% of -15% of -15% in a 3-step-chain is going to hurt).

4) Blocking Redirects.
Sometimes you do the redirects - but the Bots never see them because the URL is Blocked in robots.txt
(Thanks to +Pe lagic for bringing that one up (and he even tested the +HomeAdvisor site and found some issues :D))

5) Redirects setup perfectly.
Still costs you!  G recently stated (via +Matt Cutts) that Redirects have the same loss as a link, 15%.  That means any/all link value is reduced by that amount, which may result in your rankings dropping across the board ... and less traffic.

6) Redirects impact Crawl speed.
Redirects cause a slow-down in crawling.  When G finds a 301 response, they reschedule the crawl, this time using the new location.  That means initial crawls do little bar update their address-book ... and you may have to wait a little longer than normal for G to crawl your content ... and a little longer for them to process it all too.

7) As little as possible.
Though it's hard to do in some cases, it's advised not to make a lot of Redirects at the same time.  If possible, redirect chunks of the site, leaving the rest alone (this may be doable using ReWrites to make new URLs look like Old ones etc. - but that's painful/confusing).
Try not to make other changes as well ... such as don't restructure your site if you are changing the Domain Name ( -> ... not ->
Try not to change content etc. either.  The only thing you change is the Domain.
(Again, thanks to +Pe lagic for the reminder :D)

Can you see now why G generally advises against faffing with Domain Name changes without real reasons?
And that doesn't include the man (or woman!) hours spent setting it all up, double checking (which some people fail to do!), and monitoring for success.

#SEO #301Redirects #DomainNameChanges  
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Via +Simon W 
The updated Maszlow's pyramid of human needs.

via +Wil Valencia 
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YouTube - Paid Channels piloting as of ... now?

Seems like it's rolling out quickly :D

YouTube launches paid channels starting at $0.99 per month

"As long rumored, YouTube is launching paid channels in a pilot program starting today. A small number of channels, including Sesame Street and UFC, will begin offering channels that can only be accessed after paying an apparently variable subscription fee, which starts at $0.99 per month. Sesame Street, for instance, lets users stream full episodes for $1.99 apiece in standard definition or $2.99 in HD, and they can buy a full season for $17.99 or $27.99."

#YouTube   #Tech   #Media   #Television  
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Poetry's hard
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:Sigh:  Now SEOMoz authors are causing confusion with stupid statements
Warning : Likely increase in "Authorship as a Ranking Signal" posts/questions
Thanks a bunch SEOMoz!

Yup, a big "Thank You" to +James Finlayson for his recent post about Guest Posts being dangerous.
One bandwagon was not sufficient - so he decided to jump on 2 bandwagons at the same time;
1) Guest Posts could be Dangerous
2) Authorship as a Ranking Signal

Isn't he a bright and clever chap!

"... Google’s really started to push authorship as an important signal. ..."

Erm, no they haven't. 
For the past 1.5+Years, Google have stated - repeatedly, that Authorship is Not a Ranking signal/has no Influence on Rankings.  A bunch of "us" have been trying to get rid of the stupid myth as well.

"...1. Your competitors can Google your name and easily find your link-building efforts – no SEO tool necessary.
2. Whichever domain you’re building links to has a large number of their links coming from a single author. ..."
"... Every SEO knows how important domain diversity is; having a large number of your links coming from a single author is the authorship version of putting them all on the same domain. ..."

My issue is with point (2) and the second quoted bit of text.
James is implying that SMBs/Independents are likely to suffer from using Authorship and associating it with externally located content.
He's suggesting that companies with more staff, and thus more authors (or those that purchase posts by other Authors) will do better.

So ... what's your thinking on this?
Personally, i think it's a bit of hogwash, and just going to create more people thinking Authorship is a Ranking Signal when it isn't.
Further, I think he's going to cause paranoia where there really shouldn't be.
The likely result will be companies creating fake profiles to inflate their apparent staff and author volume (not generally advisable).

Yes, in the G patents, there are suggested methods of identifying associations ... but that goes from author to company, and associates of both, and those that they interact with often/frequently etc.
I don't see that as being anything worth panicking about.

Thanks to +Damir Vuckovic for the original post referencing this piece.

#SEOMoz #SEO #Authorship #AuthorshipRankingSignal  
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