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Google wants to get all up in your business — but in a good way.

The search giant just unveiled an expansion to its Business Photos program, which aims to put indoor images of businesses on Google Maps and Google Places profiles. The program now has a clear way to hook business owners up with local photographers with its “Trusted Photographers” initiative.

Would you let a Google photographer take photos of your business? Would you be more likely to visit a place that has Google photos?

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Everyone who wants to use Google+ as a marketing channel should read from +AJ Kohn (who, by the way, you should follow on here).

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Google Merges Search and Google+
Social Media Juggernaut

Starting tomorrow, Google+ members will be able to search against both the broader web and their own Google+ social graph.
Video: Search, plus Your World

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Build an Effective Google+ Brand Strategy

Here are six steps to help jumpstart your brand presence on Google+, and what you should consider when communicating and engaging followers in the Google+ environment.

1. Drive Follower Growth
2. Segment Followers with Circles
3. Understand Your Google+ Audience
4. Differentiate Google+ Content
5. Take Advantage of Google+ Features to Engage
6. Analyze and Adjust Your Google+ Strategy

Read more:

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New Google+ Page/Business user? Have a look
(from +Google+ Your Business team)

Download this beautiful doc with 10 ways to grow your audience on Google+

-> Create a compelling Google+ page
-> Engage your fans, followers and community
-> Promote your Google+ page


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