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Me gusta el cine, la música y las computadoras, Amigo de quien se deje.
Me gusta el cine, la música y las computadoras, Amigo de quien se deje.

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Hi from Mexico, if you are an english native speaker who wants to improve their spanish and in consequence help me with my Enligsh, please contact me and add me to your circles.

Hey, I am a mid english learner. Mexican spanish native speaker.

I've love to interact with english native speakers who want to learn or improve their Spanish.

So if you want to talk about any subject add me to your circles and send me a message. 

NodeJS Debugging tools:

- node inspector
- iron node
- devtool

Buen día, iniciando con odoo, estoy generando un pequeño modulo para almacenar información relacionada a una terminal POS.

Quiero preguntar si alguien sabe como podria acceder a los datos guardados en mi modulo desde la interface touch del POS de Odoo.

Saludos y gracias de antemano.

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I was trying to explain to someone the difference between Java and JavaScript. "It is like the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars."

Java is Star Trek. It was first, and it is all uniforms, regulations, and red alerts. JavaScript is Star Wars. Grit, chaos, and mysticism.

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Hi I'm from Mexico, of course my native language is spanish I want to learn and practice and improve my engilsh.

Also I could help too, to anyone who want to learn or practice spanish.

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