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Laguna Bay Spas
There is so much to love about Laguna Bay Spas
There is so much to love about Laguna Bay Spas

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Irregular Spa Shape? We Create Custom Hot Tub Covers

If your spa or hot tub is a shape that is not included in our options at, then you can choose a custom option that will accommodate your spa’s specific measurements. Contact us to further discuss a custom spa cover so we can create a cover that will protect your tub from UV rays, debris, dirt and animals, while also safeguarding it from children. However, if you want to avoid creating a custom cover, we suggest purchasing Laguna Bay Spas at

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Prolong the Life of Your Hot Tub with Discount Jacuzzi Covers

Laguna Bay Spas are made from the highest quality materials available, but even these materials are unable to withstand the large amounts of abuse that occurs when the tub is not in use and left uncovered. To protect your investment and to ensure your tub runs properly, purchase durable, long-lasting covers that fit snugly over your spa. These covers protect the tub from harmful UV rays and dirt that can clog pipes. First purchase your spa at then purchase a cover at

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Shop Laguna Bay Spas by Size

Do you have a large family or do you live alone? This answer will affect the type and size of the spa or hot tub you purchase. Some discount spas only accommodate a few people, but others can comfortably seat 7 people! Simply visit to view our wide array of spas. Our sizes range from 3 to 7 adults, so you can find the right spa that will fit your entire party. What’s better yet is that a large majority of these tubs are Laguna Bay, meaning they are reliable and the best quality! 

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Free Shipping for All Laguna Bay Spas and Accessories

The search for discount hot tubs can be difficult since there are so many sites that claim these spas and hot tubs are reduced, but in reality they are not! At and, we cover all the bases in terms of tubs and covers. What’s better yet is that these are affordable products that have been greatly reduced from their previous prices! Don’t waste your time looking for other spas that cost an arm and a leg, purchase from us for free shipping on affordable products. 

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The Features of the Best Spas and Covers

Laguna Bay Spas, for example, use the most innovative technology in their products, so you will experience the maximum amount of comfort every time. Covers, on the other hand, should have a wide range of features like different available colors, double stitched for added durability, a panel made of fiberglass for strength, and vapor heat-sealed foam insulation to reduce energy costs. Learn more about these features at

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Buy Spas, Covers and Receive Quickly

We know that when you purchase Laguna Bay Spas and covers that you are anxious to receive your products. Luckily, our covers ship within 5 to 10 business days after you place your order. We will provide a tracking number so that you can follow its journey from our warehouse to your front door. You won’t have to worry about your spa for long when you order a cover from us! Go to to order today.

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What are the Best Hot Tubs in the Market?

The answer is clear - Laguna Bay Spas are among the leading hot tubs and spas available today! These spas have the latest technology to ensure maximum relaxation. These spas are also environmentally conscious – they are manufactured to run more efficiently than other spas in the market. Find out more about this brand and purchase one of your own, as well as a cover, when you visit our website at

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Buy Hot Tubs for Less to Relax More

When you purchase Laguna Bay Spas, the whole point is so that you can relax more without worrying about maintenance or repairs all of the time. At Discount Spa Covers, we have everything that is necessary to properly maintain a spa. Our products are designed to fully maintain the tub or spa so that you do not have to worry! Our covers protect the spa’s mechanics so that you don’t have to repair it every time you want to use it. Slip into your spa and let your worries melt away. Purchase a cover at

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Required Information to Order Covers for Spas

Laguna Bay Spas and other types of hot tubs require maintenance to ensure they will work for years. One of the key elements of maintenance includes a cover that snugly fits to retain heat and protect the spa from harmful dirt or debris. What do you need to order a cover? First, you’ll need measurements of the entire spa then you’ll choose the type of cover lifter and skirt you’d prefer. Include a vapor proof barrier seal for an additional fee. Learn more at

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Conveniently Order Covers for Hot Tubs Online

If you have recently purchased Laguna Bay Spas, then you will want to purchase a cover. However, where can you find a cover that will adequately fit and protect your spa? has a wide selection of covers that are extremely convenient to order online! Simply choose the color you’d prefer for your cover then select the shape of your spa. Input your spa’s measurements and check out to purchase a cover. It’s incredibly easy to protect your spa when you can order online.
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