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Graeme Nattress
An Eclectic Iconoclast. An Image Processing Guru
An Eclectic Iconoclast. An Image Processing Guru

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Post has shared content
As someone who spends most of their day in C, this is sad news.
I just heard that, after a long illness, Dennis Ritchie (dmr) died at home this weekend. I have no more information.

I trust there are people here who will appreciate the reach of his contributions and mourn his passing appropriately.

He was a quiet and mostly private man, but he was also my friend, colleague, and collaborator, and the world has lost a truly great mind.

I am not french. I don't speak french. Why oh Google why do you bring up Google+ in french for me!!! "en mode public" indeed?

So, we're moved into our new place and the camera room and offices are set up and working. Still hundreds of boxes to unpack, and things to set up and install. Kids are loving the pool.

Just testing out G+
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