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Book Break | Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami
“Would you like consider a relationship with me, based on a premise of love?” This is a book about the passing of seasons and a friendship which blossoms into an unexpected yet touching romantic relationship. It is a celebration of food - tofu, miso, edame,...

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Magazine of the Moment | Pencilled In
  Today, I present to you a stunning gem of a literary and art magazine unlike any other I have so far come across. Pencilled In is a new publication which contains contributions solely from Asian-Australians. It is a publication born out of admirable passi...

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= Podcast Picks vol. 2 =
  Since my last podcast post, in which I professed my absolute adoration for the medium, my love for them is yet to peak. The more I find, the more I crave. You can probably imagine my utter glee when I discovered Australian Audio Guide : a self-described '...

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Slow Down | Make a Bouquet
I had noticed the development of habits. And not the good kind. Not being able to get to sleep, waking up in a panic, being easily overwhelmed, crying more frequently at the smallest of things. I felt I was in a repetitive cycle of feeling stressed, confuse...

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Taste Budds Cooking Studio | #localloves
At the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a whole and raw foods cooking demonstration. Taste Budds Cooking Studio is a fantastic little cooking school in Perth which hosts a range of cooking classes and demonstrations covering so many different culina...

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A Reflection on Moving Away and Coming Back Home
 Inspired by Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran I leave gasping for new air something different to home. I return breathing in the freshest breeze I've ever known. Image via dealchecker

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Wonderful Wednesday 10
  Here are some wonderful things from a wonderful week... Getting my reading mojo back: All of a sudden, out of nowhere, it's like I want to devour all the books I can get my hands on. I've had orders coming through thick and fast from the library and I'm s...

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A Peak Inside my Diary #3
  You attribute too much meaning to the smallest of things and declare them 'signs' (You're shy because you're a Pisces and him and you would be perfect together because your compatibility is written in the stars) If you reduce yourself to such pseudo nonse...

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A Tour of my Bullet Journal
I first discovered the concept of 'bullet journaling' sometime earlier last year. I found myself transfixed by the world of immaculate monthly overviews, weekly layouts, habit trackers and goal pages. Whilst impressed, I was initially adamant that I had no ...

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Good Vibrations | Artists, Albums and Songs on Repeat
  I've been treating myself kindly by letting music back into my life and am finding it one of the most effective ways to shut off from the world when I want a break. I have been listening to so many amazing tunes lately which are giving a much needed boost...
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