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Note 4 for sale.

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When reading posts and comments on various social sites its interesting ( by interesting I mean annoying) the classic response used to someone who does not agree with them.

The response is "if you have never had (or been) fill in the blank then you have no right to say anything.

People it is a social media site! The whole reason for the post was to let people know about it. The purpose of social media is to get various views. 

Only had note 4 phone for 3 weeks and yesterday is first time I tried to use Google maps to navigate. I had strong signal but phone kept telling me GPS signal lost. Navigation may work for a few minutes then quit, or may not find Me at all.

I have done restarts, pulled sim card, even done a factory reset. Nothing helps. Ran phone in safemode. nothing fixed the problem. Cannot take phone back to store because I am a few days past the 14 day return. If Verizon sends me another phone it will be a refurbished phone is only 3 weeks old.

Here is another .strange thing. My wife has an LG G2 and it is a year and a half old. The only thing these 2 phones have in Common is lollipop.

I am wondering if Verizon is aware of this problem and if there are any updates coming soon.

Please help.

So who else is having GPS problems. Unless I run GPS status app, I cannot keep a GPS signal to run Google maps. Wife phone seems to have same problem. She has a G2, only thing phones have on common is lollipop. 
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