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Another dessert recipe, easy but very tasty thanks to Nutella, the Gods' nectar!

Crème Brulée with Nutella and rhum

400 ml. heavy cream
90 ml milk
10 ml dark rhum
200 gr Nutella
30 gr. powdered sugar
100 gr. eggs yolk
Brown sugar
Chopped hazelnut

Heat cream, milk and Nutella. Beat eggs with sugar and Rhum. Add slowly the hot mixture whisking. Let it cool. Pour in little ceramic cocotte. Put a bit of kitchen paper in a baking pan. Add the cocotte and hot water. Bake at 140 degrees for about 40 minutes.
Let it warm and Sprinkle with brown sugar and caramelize with a torch

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This is a typical South Italian carnival pancake. It's made by choux pastry first baked and then fried. A thick custard and a good black cherry syrup are the final touch!

Zeppole di San Giuseppe


250 ml water
250 all pourpousal flour
50 gr butter
5 gr salt
4 large eggs

for the custard
150 gr. Heavy cream
350 gr milk
40 gr corn starch
150 gr. Sugar
200 gr eggs yolk
Zest 1 lemon

Boil the water with salt and butter, add in one time the flour and cook some minutes. Make the choux pastry cool and add the eggs one at the time. Put in a sac a poche with a star spout. Form donuts and bake at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Then fry them at 165 for 3 minutes. Let it cool.
Prepare the custard. Bring to boil heavy cream with milk, limoncello and lemon zest. Beat the eggs with sugar and corn starch and pour in the milk. Stir constantly until it thickens. Let it cool with plastic foil at contact. Put a bit of custard on the pancake and decorate with black cherry.


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Love is in the air

Thanks +Azlin Bloor​​ for the challenge!
My quick idea is a crepes "Rocher", easy, tasty and #glutenfree!

Ingredients (12 crepes)
150 gr. buckwheat
100 gr. cornstarch
40 gr. Cocoa powder
50 gr. Hazelnut flour
6 large eggs
1 liter milk
For the stuffing
Chopped Hazelnuts
Chocolate sauce

Quickly mix together all the ingredients, blend with a minipiner.
Grease a pan with butter and prepare the crepes.
Fill with Nutella and chopped hazelnuts.
Garnish with chocolate sauce and some hazelnuts.


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Sometimes things are different from their appearance....this seems a normal Ragout, but not is so!
The meat of the Ragout it's a typical hot Calabria sausage, Nduja. It's made of pork and calabrian hot pepper. Unusual ingredients for a traditional recipe that needs a long slow cook!

Nduja Ragout

1 Nduja (about 500 gr)
1 red onions
1 celery
1 carrots
2 gloves garlic
40 gr dried porcini mushrooms
1/2 glass red wine (a good one)
1 cup hot water
1 Tube double concentrated tomato paste
40 gr butter

Let's start finely chopping celery, carrot and onion. Heat a crock pot with the butter, add the vegetables and fry. Remove the casing of the sausage and put in the pot. Deglaze with red wine. Chop the mushrooms rehydrated with rosemary, parsley and garlic. Dissolve the tomato paste in hot water and add together with the mushrooms in the pot. Cover and slow cook for at least 3 hours!
Have a good hot spicy meal!


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Grilled sousvide italian Sausage

It's like a drug, when I ha e a new tool I have to use it compulsively...
This time I have tried with Italian Sausage. I prepared a brine with rosemary, then I cooked the meat sous vide for 2 h at 65 degrees. I finished them in an hot pan with butter.

4 italian sausage
Fresh rosemary
4 liter water
260 gr Salt
140 gr sugar
Boiled Potatoes
Grated pecorino cheese

Bring the water to boil, add rosemary and let it coil. Put in the sausages and let them rest for 4 hours. Dry and put sousvide with fresh rosemary. Cook at 65 degrees for 2 hours. Heat a pan with butter and put the sausage. Keep high heat to let the butter become light brown.
Prepare a purè with saffron and pecorino.
That's all!


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Pork belly sous vide with lemon smashed potatoes and pumpkin.

Another experiment with Anova. I have cooked sous vide the pork belly after a long brine and I have finished it in the oven with honey and flower flavoured pink salt.

800 gr pork belly
4 liter water
240 gr salt
120 gr sugar
Tyme & marjoram
2 potatoes
1 piece pumpkin
1 lemon
1 tbs honey
Extra vergin olive oil
Flower flavoured pink Himalayan salt

Heat the water with salt and sugar. Put the herbs and let it cool. Put inside the meat and let it rest in the fridge for 24 hours. Dry it with paper towel and put sous vide with herbs and oil. Cook at 70 degrees for 12 hours and then put it in an ice bath to fast cool it. Cut in pieces of 150 gr and flavour with honey mixed with oil. Season with pink salt. Cut thin the pumpkin and put on the base of a pan. Set the belly and bake at maximum temperature for 10 minutes, till the fat is golden brown. In the meanwhile boil or steam cook the potatoes. Smash with a fork and season with salt, zest and juice of a lemon.
Thanks everyone!

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The best Xmas present from my wife was the Anova precision I've begun to experiment low temperatures sous vide cooking.
This is my first attempt with duck and the result was nearly perfect.

Duck with spicy orange sauce
1 female duck chest
2 orange
Fresh ginger
Soy sauce
Extra vergin olive oil
Salt and pepper

Let's start flavouring the chest with salt, pepper and a bit of oil. Vacuum the duck and set the temperature of Anova at 57 C with 3 hours timer. Cook the meat. Once it's done, chill it in an ice bath. Remove from bag and put in a pan with skin toward the surface. Cook 3 minutes high, then 4 minutes medium. Turn and cook for a minute. Wrap in aluminum foil and let it rest till the sauce it's ready. Remove the fat from the pan, deglaze with prosecco and add the zest and juice of the oranges, the butter, fresh chopped ginger and soy sauce. Let it reduce. Cut the duck and season with hot sauce.

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My Tiramisù

I'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas with my version of the worldwide famous Tiramisù.
I've worked on this recipe because it's too risky serving raw eggs in the restaurant and I don't have time to pastorize them.
So I thought at a coffee flavoured custard, obviously gluten free to mix at the mascarpone cheese.

For the custard
150 ml heavy cream
350 ml milk
1 shot Tia Maria
200 gr. Eggs yolk
150 gr. Sugar
37 gr. Cornstarch gluten-free
1 espresso coffee

500 gr. Mascarpone
600 gr. Whipped cream
savoiardi biscuits gluten free
4 espresso
Tia Maria
Hot water

Let's start with the custard. Heat milk, cream and tia Maria. Whip yolks, sugar and cornstarch. Add espresso. Pour the egg mixture, at the center of the milk on the boil. When begin to boil again whip it and let it cool with plastic wrap on the surface.
Add the custard to mascarpone and amalgamate well. Join the whipped cream carefully.
Put a bit of cream in a Martini glass, go on with a savoiardo wetted in a mix of espresso, tia Maria, sugar and water and complete with cream. Decorate with cocoa powder and chocolate.
Thanks everyone!


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Xmas is near and here in Liguria we are used to prepare boiled or baked "cima", stuffed veal belly.
I have tried to re-invent it using another cut of meat. The tripe.
We have a great tradition in using entrails even if the most of people doesn't love it, in this way it will be more likeable.
The part of intestine we use is reticulum or Honeycomb "cause it forms a sack that could contain the stuff.

Baked tripe genovese Cima

Honeycomb veal tripe
200 gr. Veal tripe
100 gr. Mortadella
1+3 red onions
1+3 carrots
1+3 celery
2 gloves garlic
2 eggs
Salt & pepper
Vegetable broth
Extra vergin olive oil

Here it is easy to find pre boiled tripe, ready to use. If it's not possible to find you have to boil it. Put in a pan carrot, onion and celery with a lot of water. Bring to boil and cook tripe for an hour. Let it cool.
Let's prepare the stuff. Finely chop 1 red onion, 1 carrot and 1 celery. Heat a bit of oil in a pan add the vegetables, the garlic and minced tripe. Salt and pepper and let it cool. Wet the bread with milk and marjoram, squeeze and add the eggs. Mix with the tripe and adjust the consistence with grated parmesan. Fill the honeycomb tripe till the half and Sew the bag with kitchen string.
Saute the tripe with the other vegetables cut into large pieces. Bake at 180 degrees for about half an hour bathing with hot broth after 15 minutes.
Let the Cima cool with a weight above. Slice and serve with the sauce and vegetables.

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Cheesecake with Nutella and strawberries jelly #glutenfree

It's Monday and we need something sweet to afford the week! In the restaurant where I work, thanks to one of my boss that is celiac, I try to offer everything on the menu to everyone. The achieve is to create dessert as good as the ones with gluten. This cake is not made by crushed biscuits but with crashed hazelnuts mixed with melted butter and brown sugar.

Ingredients (26 cm bake pan)
300 gr. Hazelnuts
150 butter
100 brown sugar
3 tbs bitter cocoa powder

750 ricotta cheese
250 heavy cream
3 tbs powdered sugar
Nutella....(how much you like)
20 gr. Sheets gelatine.

750 gr. Strawberry puree
3 tbs powdered sugar
20 gr sheets gelatine.

Crash the hazelnuts with cocoa, sugar and add the melted butter. Line the pan with parchment paper and create the base of cheesecake. Let it rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
Soften gelatin in cold water for at least 10 minutes and dissolve it in 100 gr hot heavy cream with the Nutella . Mix with a whistle ricotta, sugar and the remaining cream. Add the Nutella cream and pour into the pan.
Prepare the jelly. Warm the strawberry with sugar and let it boil some minutes. Add the softened gelatine and let it cool. Pour on the cheesecake al forget it in the fridge for all night long.

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