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Emil Ems
Dr. Emil Ems, former senior official in international organisations, at present photographer and travel journalist.
Dr. Emil Ems, former senior official in international organisations, at present photographer and travel journalist.

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There lies a rosy shimmer, in memory, over our highschool days. Reality was quite different, but who cares, some 60 years later. Let’s concentrate on happy memories and celebrate them by climbing a mountain! 

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Be it walking on the beach of Playa del Inglés or exploring the isle's interior, it is a permanent source of enjoyment to this oldtimer. Why not join me in my latest exploits?

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When snow is falling for days on end, only to be interrupted by bitter cold, then it is time to get a bit depressed. But not for long: snow cleaning has started to work here in Stockholm, if only after some delay!

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This morning, I put the alarm clock at 8 am, since I wanted to see how the new day had progressed. Alas, no chance, it was still pitch dark, with the sky covered by a heavy blanket that obliterated all signs of dawn. Well, it was worth an effort at least! Two hours later, when I am writing this, the blanket has lifted a bit and is getting dissolved into wooly clouds, with a rosy underneath. From this we can conclude that the sun indeed has risen once again!

I would like to get heathen for a moment and lift a glass to celebrate the rebirth of the sun. From now on, days will be getting ever longer and soon there will be occasion to observe its rise again!

In this spirit, permit me to offer you my very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Let's hope that, through a miracle or two, humanity will regain its composure in the forthcoming twelve months.


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Jo, därom kan jag ge besked, om herrn så vill, ty jag var med!
Yes! I can tell you all about it, since I was there!

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WHAT TO DO WHEN IT DOES NOT STOP SNOWING? Well, you can cuddle up in your apartment, if you are a retired old geezer like me. But what about mothers who have to bring their doddlers to Kindergarten, or working people who have to make the journey to their offices? Here is my solution!

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WINTERTIME HAS ITS ADVANTAGES: It is still light when you get out of bed – at least for another week or so. A great boost to your creativity. Read all about it in this little essay:

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What to do with your life once you retire? Should you embark on a great project at long last or should you just let things come to you?

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PAGODAS, BUDDHAS AND SUSHI! – New Chapter of Emil's book "Fiat Lux!" on his website. With Chapter Text, Slide Show and even a Bonus Section about his Japanese connections, together with a video of a Japanese dance and song.


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The picture shows a happy group of youngsters, on their way to a summer picnic. No trouble on the horizon, just a happy future beckoning. Or are we mistaken? Indeed we are, there are heavy clouds awaiting those unsuspecting youngsters!
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