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The final chapter. Thank you
in 2006 when I first started this blog I never thought that I would
get any views.
When I posted my first story, I quickly learned that there were
people out there   who
where reading what I wrote. The feeling I got from those first views
was a feeling...

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The Raw first draft of scammer
   It's been a while since I have posted anything new to Odie Stories. Life has been busy,  So I thought in this post we would break down a first draft of  one of Odie Stories newest stories called scammer. I should post out before this post goes live, that...

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A home away from home
the summer of 2004 my friend Jamie Woof and I where sitting
on my front porch drinking whiskey and smoking a really nice
cigar. The weather had been warm. It had been a while since
Jamie and I had a chance to just kick back and shoot the breeze
with one ...

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Josh & Cody Brawl
“ ,
Alright let's start from the beginning shell we, Principle Mike
Hopkins said.” “ ,
I was standing over the gym door's when Cody came up behind me
and punched me, I said.” “ ,
What ever Josh, you know that's not true, Cody replied.” “ ,
Hey keep quiet Jo...

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Hidden Gender
 We walked in to Kyle's bedroom holding
hands as we sat down on the edge of Kyle's bed. We starred in
to each others eyes as we locked our lips together. I could feel
Kyle's hot breath as he kissed me passionately. My heart was
racing like a race horse. My ...

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Johnson and I where fresh out of high school. We really were
unsure what we wanted to do once we graduated. There were a
lot options and none of them stuck out at us. Mark had applied
to several different collages, he never heard anything back
from the...

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New Years Engagement
 You know those moments that
you think would never happen to you, then when you lest expect it something
really big happens in a place that you know would be a day that you would never
forget. That's what happened to me on December 31 st 2016. For the longe...

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Christmas Blaze
“, Tell me how did it start, asked
the detective.” “, I told you I don't know how it
started I wasn't home, I replied.” “, I find it funny that your house
burns to the ground and yet you don't have a clue has to how it might have started.” “, Like I said a...

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Room I
often wonder what the outside world looks like. I have seen pictures
but I have never really experienced it for myself. These days the
world has gotten itself in a big hurry, people running across the
streets to get to their jobs on time, and ot...

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Stranded In the Desert
Taklamakan desert more commonly known as the sea of death
is one of the world's most dangerous deserts on earth. My guess
is that it would be vary hard to find anything in the Taklamakan
desert which extends some 14,00 km to the east and west.
This dese...
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