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You can never roll dice the same way twice.
You can never roll dice the same way twice.


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+Mike Puncekar drew this.  He is drawing more for the book.  So is +Alexander Gustafson.  We are only in the concept art stage of things, but I am super excited by everything.  The beginnings of the game, a story that sets up the entire setting, is written by +Peter Schweighofer.  If you are not already excited, you should be.  20+ Playable races.   
Starfighter Here it is! The full wrap-around cover art illustrated by Mike Puncekar.

#OpenD6 #StarfighterRPG  

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Do you know any programmers looking for a change?
You should come and work with me. It rocks here.

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Its Humpday!  Issue 6 is live!  Go download it!
D6 Magazine, Issue Number Six! The long overdue Issue 6 of D6 Magazine is finally here. Its free! Download and pass it on...

#OpenD6 #RPG +Wicked North Games 

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I'm pretty sure if you're following me, you should read that update.
What have we been up to at +Wicked North Games? We've been quiet about it! Here's a brief update brought to you by +Jeremy Streeter... #OpenD6   

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1 day 16 hours remaining as of this posting to enter, this is for a Make a Wish foundation, so entries cost a little money.

+Wicked North Games  will be at Diversions Puzzles & Games, 123 Congress St, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 next Saturday, November 23 to run a demo of #Westward  the Steampunk Western RPG. Join us there from 4-7pm!

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Try or Buy Westward on DriveThruRPG or RPGNOW!
Westward: is now live and ready for download on +DriveThruRPG! We feature two different versions of the Corebook - The High-Res version is $10.00 USD while the Low-Res version is Pay What You Want. I'm estimating that the printing run for the physical, hardbound Corebook should be completed either Thursday the 26th, or Friday the 27th based on our quoted 15 business day lead time. Have a happy Friday everyone, and play some games!

+Wicked North Games +Jeremy Streeter  #WestwardRPG #OpenD6  

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So we picked up the Westward print proof today to review it. Here's some snapshots of the printing. Its not yet bound, because they don't do that until after we verify.
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