Teachers' action at school unites town
Taking Charge

Joy moved in to town to take up her position at the school as the Principal. She was sure she was going to have a lot of uphill from the townsfolk. There were many changes that would have to be made at the school. Would she be able to win the parents and pupils over? As far as her looks, Joy knew she was totally different to what everyone expected. She was young and full of life, outgoing, an extrovert, and a go getter. Would the parents accept her as the new Principal? The first day that Joy was in town she met Jordan. She hadn’t planned on falling in love but it happened so fast. The way Jordan sang to her and looked at her sent Joy’s pulse racing. Jordan was drawn to Joy. There was something about her that grabbed his attention. Everything was about to change for both Jordan and Joy. Her presence made a huge impact on the townsfolk. It was the little things that she did that made a huge difference. Not only did the pupils benefit but so did every single person in town.


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