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Heather Nikola
Mommy to a Princess and Lil' Dude, Wife, and Teacher
Mommy to a Princess and Lil' Dude, Wife, and Teacher

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Welcome Jameson Drew
June 9, 2017 5:00 AM "OMG, I'm peeing!" was my first thought.  I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and actually jumped into the shower to realize I wasn't peeing but in fact, my water was breaking!! "Andrew!  Andrew!  ANDREW, my water broke!" Neve...

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"Are your Fries Gluten-Free?"
"Are your fries gluten-free?" "Yes, they are!" "No way!  That's great.  Are you sure?" "Yes! The fries were  not  gluten-free. This is my then, four-year-old daughter, Sophia, who ate an order of french fries from a profound restaurant just two hours prior,...

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Nikola Kids Birthday party at Poughkidsie!
Today we celebrated Sophia and Brayden's birthday at an awesome 5,000 square foot play center called,  Poughkidsie, located in Poughkeepsie, (get it?) NY.  Knowing I was going to be eight months pregnant, I didn't want to host their party at our home or hav...

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Sophia's Birthday Celebration to American Girl!
This trip has been on my mind for the last two years.  Going to the American Girl Store is like a right-of-passage for a little girl.   I wanted her first trip to be special and meaningful and I knew back when she was three, we would make our trip to the NY...

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Let's make a Bet to kick off 2017
2017 is seriously RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER #omggg With that, I'm sure we'd all like to start our new year strong when it comes to our health. Making "health/diet" goals is one of the biggest New Year's resolutions, ever! If I were to tell you, you can get pa...

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First Trimester "Fun"..
As promised, here is my first trimester post, outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly of the first 12 weeks of pregnancy with Baby Nikola #3... Let's go back to Columbus day weekend- it was our final week of camping and by the time we arrived in Lake Geor...

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Nikola Clan Plus One
Surprise!!!! Yes, many of you will say, "I knew it!"  The newest addition to the Nikola Clan will be here June 2017. Big sister Sophia and soon-to-be Big Brother Brayden do NOT know their lives will change, just yet.  We plan to tell them on Christmas #magi...

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There's no label here
"Sophia is now a preschooler with a  disability. " #gulp I can't begin to express the emotions that went through my mind after hearing  those  words.   I looked at Andrew and I knew he felt the same way. Upset, concerned, angry, and yet,  relieved.  Let's b...

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Let's Make A Bet... A Health Bet...
I don't gamble.  In fact, I hate the thought that I may lose money by chance.    However, I am making a bet..  A bet that I KNOW I will win (mama cash, what what?!)... and guess what?  You can win, too!! #nojoke :::I am sooo flippin' excited about this!::: ...

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Birthday Month Celebrating You!
Although I'm a few days behind, welcoming my favorite month (it's my birthday month), I wanted to show my appreciation for all my amazing readers who follow my craziness called, life. As you know, I am a fit mama with a love for fashion and beauty.  So what...
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