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Post has attachment Oh the treasure you will find when unpacking after moving! :)

OH "my garlic breath leaves welts"

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This years pumpkins - Pumpkinman, Kitty, Creeper and Pi
October 26, 2012
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Love thy neighbor!
10 Things I wish the Church Knew About Homosexuality

1. If Jesus did not mention a subject, it cannot be essential to his teachings.
2. You are not being persecuted when prevented from persecuting others.
3. Truth isn't like wine that gets better with age. It's more like the manna you must recognize wherever you are and whoever you are with.
4. You cannot call it "special rights" when someone asks for the same rights you have.
5. It is no longer your personal religious view if you're bothering someone else.
6. Marriage is a civil ceremony, which means it a civil right.
7. If how someone stimulates the public nerve has become the needle to your moral compass, you are the one who is lost.
8. To condemn homosexuality, you must use parts of the Bible you don't yourself obey. Anyone who obeyed every part of Leviticus would rightly be put in prison.
9. If we do not do the right thing in our day, our grandchildren will look at us with the same embarrassment we look at racist grandparents.
10. When Jesus forbade judging, that included you.

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Shout out to all you Ableton folk out there - currently crushing on an APC40, want to add it to my Win7 x64 setup. Need advice on a good soundcard that'll play nice w/it suggestions? Something that'll do Win7 and Mac would be good as I'll eventually want to go mobile.

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Please consider adding your voice in protest of terribly written anti-piracy bills that would have a chilling effect on the internet

Awesome of the day? Bacon doughnut consumed! #doughnutfriday #toppot #winning

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One finished Lego Super Star Destroyer! #starwars #ssd #lego
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