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What Is Ecopsychology?
What Is Ecopsychology?


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Enrollment Open for 2015 Degree and Nondegree Programs.
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Viridis Graduate Institute International School of Ecopsychology         Creating a more conscious world through education and action!

Dear Friends, 

It is the time of year when wishes fill the air. From now until the new year, we may wish for many things: just and ethical economic and environmental policies, end to violence against women and girls, a less dysfunctional government, social equality, a global climate change policy ... all just wishful thinking?

Etymologically, the word wish is an interesting word. A cognate with the German wunschen and the Latin venus (beauty and love), both from the PIE root wen -  "to strive after, wish, desire." In this sense, perhaps what we wish for in our world would contain some element of beauty. What we strive after, might be ways we can make our world less destructive and divisive. 

An ecopsychological way of understanding this is from the principle of waste; there is no waste in the natural world because there is a continual exchange of resources. What has died, decayed, decomposed, will be food for another, recycled in some manner to allow for new life. Life strives to innovate, flourish, and connect.

Psychologically, we can strive to educate ourselves about who we are - allowing old narratives promoting destructive practices to die out, decompose and transform into a more conscious understanding. Winter is a perfect time for allowing things to die off and be transformed ... bringing new life, new beauty into the next season. 

Tis the season ... Give the Gift of Education!

Give yourself, or someone you love, THE GIFT of an educational experience in Ecopsychology. 

2015 NonDegree Programs
Executive Certificate Course: Adaptive Leadership in Ecopsychology (14 week course)
Introduction to Ecopsychology (5 week course)

2015 Degree Programs
Master of Arts in Social Science Emphasis in Ecopsychology
PhD in Ecopsychology & Sustainability

Giving the gift of education is a life long investment - it is the best way you can actively participate in creating a less destructive and more beautiful world.

All VGI programs are held online and meet in a live interactive format with some of the most esteemed professors in the world. 

Ecopsychology is predicated on the ideas that humanity is a part of nature; that all of life’s systems (personal, social, ecological, economic, and cultural) are linked through multiple relationships; and that the psychology of the individual is reflected in the psychology of the culture, of our nations, and in our world’s complex issues.

I wish for you all ...  A Wonderful Holiday Season!

Lori Pye, PhD, President
Viridis Graduate Institute
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