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Tons of features launched today. Formula previews are particularly cool -- you see instant results as you type!

Tip: use the mouse and highlight a portion of the formula to get the result for that section. Really neat.
Today's updates to Sheets give you more ways to visualize and analyze your data on the web.  Our favorite new features?  Previewing formula results instantly and new tools for customizing charts.  

Check out all the updates on our blog ( and try them ( today.
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The official blog post on today's announcement that our team made :)

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Awesome announcements at I/O today! Very cool to see the NY Times pick up our storage & productivity story.

Specifically for Google Sheets, we announced the ability to edit XLSX files directly in Sheets -- no need for Office!

Sheets on Android also got a refreshed UI along with several new features: find/replace, formula editing, and charts. iOS updates coming soon.

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The new Google Sheets

The team did an awesome job with this. Just in time for holiday traveling! Forget purchasing wifi on the plane, spreadsheets will continue to work offline. The speed improvements are so great, and I'm really loving so many of the new features.
Meet the new Google Sheets. It’s faster, supports larger spreadsheets, has a number of new features, and works offline. Learn more and give it a try at:

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It's been a while since I posted something public. I've had so many pleasant experiences flying with +Delta  recently that I have to write a quick post on it...

First, electronic devices on planes! Love to hear that Delta is the first to apply and that I can hopefully use devices on my flight coming up in 2 days. Woohoo!

Second, transcon economy comfort is awesome and has changed in the last 6-8 months. Highly recommended. I always upgrade to economy comfort for the extra leg room and priority boarding. On transcon flights (JFK-SFO/LAX/SEA) they also give you free movies, a snack pack (better than just cookies/peanuts), and free booze. Now I just want the same for non-transcon flights. Delta Connection flights, which I often take, need some of these things as well.

Third, one of my flights recently got overbooked for the holidays due to a plane change. I got a personal phone call (not an automated message or email) from Delta asking if I wanted to stay on the flight or rebook with compensation (not just... oh, we rebooked you). Awesome to get this choice and not find out last minute at the gate like other airlines. Quite impressive.

I'd probably think this was standard if I was super-elite with them, and to be fair, I have status, but currently only the lowest level, Silver (will make Gold this year though). It's also pretty awesome that I get upgraded to First on nearly all short-haul flights with Silver status. Loving it. 

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The video of Apps Script + Forms at I/O! For those who attended I/O Extended in NYC, this is the more complete version of the 15 minute session I showed off last week. Enjoy.

Congrats +Matthew Ziegelbaum and +Eric Koleda

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Just gave a sneak peak talk at Google I/O Extended in NYC on our new Google Forms + Apps Script integration, which was announced yesterday on the Apps Developer Blog. Lots of great questions and enthusiasm from everyone in the room.

Stay tuned for the full version of the talk at I/O in SF later today at 4:55pm ET / 1:55pm PT. Videos will hopefully be posted afterwards. Good luck +Matthew Ziegelbaum!

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Looks like BuzzFeed and TechCrunch are having some fun with autofill in Google Sheets :)

Thanks to +Matthew Ziegelbaum for building this feature back in 2007!

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The new, collaborative version of Google Forms launched earlier today!

I'm really excited by all the new changes. The team did a great job. Copy and pasting a long list of items is slick -- asking someone which state or country they're from in a dropdown is super easy now.
Google Forms, refreshed

Today we’re launching a more robust, powerful version of Google Forms. Just as you can in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, now you can invite others to work simultaneously with you as you create and edit a form—or chat with the group about your ideas without ever leaving the app. With new features like auto-save, undo/redo, and keyboard shortcuts, it’s easier to get stuff done quickly in Forms. 

The new update will be rolling out over the next few days. Read the full blog post for more details at, or watch the video below for a tour of the new Forms. 

Keep an eye on our page this week as we highlight some of our favorite Forms productivity tips—plus share details about an opportunity to Hangout with the engineers behind Forms!
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