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Impact English Communication Skills Coaching and Consulting Boston

Technical people must tell clients how they benefit from products and services and the results they get from them. Your voice has to smile.

Technical people speaking with clients must do more than provide information. Don’t be an "information document with a voice".

If you’re not certain, say so. If you’re certain, then do not add any tinge of uncertainty to what you say or how you say it.

Communicating skillfully means sending messages so that those receiving your messages interpret your messages as you intend.

On a call, check to make sure everyone is following and understands. Is everyone clear on what I’ve covered so far? Any questions?

We’re going to discuss our internal policies. I’m going to present our internal policy changes. Presenting, not discussing. Big difference.

In 7 weeks we should know which licensing model to use. “Should” means “not certain”. In 7 weeks we’ll know which licensing model to use.

“It’s going to cost 'SAY' 28,000 for 8 weeks” is an estimate and you said it’s not. It’s going to cost 28,000 for 8 weeks. No say no doubt.

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NEW RULE: Never say “slide” when you present. Not, “Let’s go to the next slide.” Slides are not presentations. Topics are presentations They are there to listen to YOU - your presentation, not for the slides.“Next, I’m going to tell you about univariate methods.Does anyone have any questions before I move on?" Talk to your audience.
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