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Check Out Our Weekly Quizzes!

Every week we upload ELEVEN new quiz packs for you to choose from, ranging from bingo quizzes, to easy packs, to bumper quizzes. Here's some highlights from this week:

Quiz Night
6 rounds, including Current Affairs, Bones, Quickfire Round - Foxes, Hunt, Connections and Wipeout Finale

_Separate Current Affairs Rounds are available here:

Quiz Pack
5 subject rounds and a picture quiz: Games, Dolls, Quickfire - Fictional Creatures, Public Information Films, Wipeout/Mixed Bag and the picture quiz is Celebrity Eyes

Bingo Quiz Pack
Quiz Bingo, Quingo or Quizgo - anyone can win with this fun pub quiz pack

Mixed Bag Quiz
50 General Knowledge questions
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Harried by Halloween? Suffering from Samhain? Burning for Bonfire Night?

Let us help you out with a Bonfire Quiz! Pick up a quiz pack for just £5.50 and keep the Hallowe'eners at bay!
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Don't forget our new £4 Quiz Packs are now on sale! You can also get their current affairs rounds - only £1 each.

Click here for Quiz Night, Quiz of the Week 1 and Quiz of the Week 2

Click here for Current Affairs rounds for the week 12th-19th October
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Easy Subject Rounds - Fresh for this Week

General Knowledge, Music, Films and More! Buy them separately for £1 or pick up a pack of 50 Easy General Knowledge questions for £3.50

See them all here:
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New Quizzes to Exercise Your Little Grey Cells

See Our Quiz Night and Quiz of the Weeks for the w/c 5 October here:

And remember you can get the current affairs rounds separately here:
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The Trick or Treat Halloween Smell Quiz Has Arrived

5 sweet and 5 foul, can your teams identify these ten common aromas?

It's a bargain, with 10 smell tubes, answer sheets, postage, packaging and VAT all wrapped up in the amazing price of £11.99!

Get yours now:
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The Countdown to Halloween Begins

What better way to spice up your Halloween celebrations but with a quiz!

Quiz Packs
Make a regular quiz extra special or throw a charity quiz this Halloween with a Bumper Quiz - 10 rounds of spooky questions and 20 terrifying celebrity monsters to identify! Only £8.50 by download!

Or, if you're looking for something a little quicker, our classic quiz packs with 5 rounds and a 10-Picture interval round would be perfect for just £5.50 when downloaded!

Handout Quizzes
An easier entertainment for adults or kids, our handout quizzes come in many forms from Wordsearches to Full Quizzes! Pass out to your quizzers and let them quiz at their own speed! Download for £3 or get them by post with 15 colour copies for £7!

Picture Quizzes
Our classic picture quizzes have 20 scary images to identify, from monsters to horror movies. Downloadable for just £3 each or available by post with 15 colour copies for £7!

Or go mini, with 10 pictures, just £1.50 downloaded or £6 by post!

Multi-Choice Quizzes
For an easier quiz, why not go multiple choice? Download for £3.50 with a handy multiple choice answer sheet!

Quiz Questions
Like to make up your own quiz packs - choose your own rounds from 50 Halloween subject rounds of 10 questions each - instant downloads for only £1!
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Looking for a quiz this week?

Try one of our Big Three:

Quiz Night: £4.00
Current Affairs, TV, Quickfire Round - Cryptic Towns and Cities, Din, Connections and General Knowledge

Quiz of the Week 1: £4.00
Current Affairs, Brown, Connections, Quickfire - Football Teams and Royal Brides, TV Presenters and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round

Quiz of the Week 2: £4.00
Current Affairs, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Oct, Nights and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Or spruce up your own quiz with something newsworthy:

Current Affairs for w/c 28/09: £1.00
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Dingbats - Just Say What You See!

Our most popular picture series returns with a new installment, this time with a twist! Alongside our usual Dingbat puzzles of cliches, we've also included Shakespeare Dingbats - can you finish these famous quotes?

Yellow Dingbats:

Black Dingbats:

Shakespeare Dingbats:

Mini Dingbats:

Download our classic quiz for just £3 or a mini for £1.50

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With 6 fun rounds, our Quiz Night and Quizzes of the Week, are perfect for the weekly pub quiz, and you can even add a picture quiz round for only £1.50!

Buy one now to try or subscribe to get great discounts and a quiz automatically sent to you every week!

Subscribe Here

Click on the links below to see this week's quizzes!

Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1

Quiz of the Week 2
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