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Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

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This strategic mapping approach is what every company should embrace. It takes a while to get your head around, but is priceless in terms of its value to the future of the business.
Great article from LEF's Simon Wardley on his value chain mapping technique.  Also check out the related video at:

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Thanks for sharing +Michelle Harris, interesting to add to our "digital is not social" content. 
The Secret Psychology of Twitter: Why We Follow, Share and Keep Coming Back

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Add on for you Doug?
Now a app and hardware accessory to allow you to control your Google Glass with your thoughts. Cool!

Tech Crunch article at

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Interesting stuff from +Goodwood Festival of Speed Lovely garden party for the motor industry...

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Love the first 2 - education and marketing skills....

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Yes the list form 2009 is still accurate.
Ten top issues in adopting enterprise social computing 

A couple of days back +Dion Hinchcliffe reflected in Twitter: _"Slightly horrified that my top 10 issues list in adopting social computing in 2009 is 100% still the case: #socbiz_". I, finally, had the chance to re-read the article again and, while it may well be a rather disappointed and depressing read (in the good sense of the words), I think it's also highlighting the huge opportunities we still have got ahead of us to continue the work towards helping organisations become successful Socially Integrated Enterprises

To quote the top 10 issues again, while I would encourage everyone to go and read the entire article (5 years on and still incredibly accurate): 

1. Lack of social media literacy amongst workers
2. A perception that social tools won't work well in a particular industry
3. Social software is still perceived as too risky to use for core business activities
4. Can't get enough senior executives engaged with social tools
5. There is vapor lock between IT and the social computing initiative
6. Need to prove ROI before there will be support for social software
7. Security concerns are holding up pilot projects/adoption plans
8. The needs around community management have come as a surprise
9. Difficulties sustaining external engagement
10. Struggling to survive due to unexpected success

When looking into each of the different issues I keep thinking no wonder the % of engaged employees (According to Gallup) is at a massive 13% low worldwide. Reminds me of this blog post I wrote about 2 years ago > where I reflected about the diaspora from Social Business Evangelists into new focus areas and wondering whether we may need a new generation of social business evangelists (Perhaps, Change Agents) to help carry on the work already started back in the mid 00s. 

Yes, indeed, we still have got a lot of work to do! #onwards  

#socbiz   #adoption   #enablement   #adaptation   #change   #changeagents   #openbiz   #barriers   #socialbusiness   #socialnetworking   #engagement   #CAWW  

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The 24 hour work culture of the modern world means it’s more important than ever to look after our people. Arianna Huffington has made ‘wellness’ integral to working life at the Huffington Post

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Very insightful list and links to great sites

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Backs up what we have seen too, in too in terms of sales people not being invited in until later in the sales cycle and therefore the need to share relevant content on social channels to help earlier engagement.
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