Light Graffiti shoot on 18th April!!!

Some of us will be there to learn, some to teach, some to just catch up, but we'll all be there to have some FUN! =)

So here are the details below:

Time and Date: Wednesday 18th April at 7pm
(For those who work in the CBD, there's a possibility of dumplings & catch up beforehand! More details to come! =} )

Location: For those meeting up at 7pm, let's meet outside the National Gallery of Victoria. There's fountains in the pools which lend themselves really well to a little bit of long exposure to whet your appetite before we Walk for some light play.

What to bring:
1. Your camera,
2. Tripod
3. Lights that you think will have a cool effect. Suggested: Small LED torches, Sparklers, Glow Sticks, Battery operated Chrismas Lights ;) Etc.
4. Insect Repellent
5. Speedlights and Special Effects Gels if you have them, Flash lends itself well to lightpainting.
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