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Photograph Melbourne
Melbourne, from giant parks, to waterfront, to skyscrapers and historic suburbs. We walk them all. Photograph Melbourne.
Melbourne, from giant parks, to waterfront, to skyscrapers and historic suburbs. We walk them all. Photograph Melbourne.


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The weekly recap from the Photograph Melbourne community
Weekly(ish) Recap

We've had a big couple of weeks of people travelling around and enjoying that late spring light before we break into summer in a couple of weeks time. There is a lot on around Melbourne currently to keep your eyes out and we're looking forward to those shots.

Shot of the week goes to +Richard Hallford for On Golden Pond

New Moderator
I wish to announce that +Kelvin Morrison agreed (failed to say no) to being a moderator. Kelvin has a lot of experience around Melbourne and is a bit of a quiet achiever in photography. Kelvin shoots Pentax and sports their latest beast the K-1.

Walk with heart +Greg Kerr is organising a photowalk that will challenge your mettle on 4th of December. Those of you who aspire to be better with strangers should come on this walk. For those who are not aware, Greg has for the past year or so been wandering the city with his big heart and approaches people with the heart and asks if he can shoot them holding it.
Walk details :
Greg's collection

Great to see a couple of posts pop up in Impromptu for people heading out to meet up for photography and in this case Noodles.

#ThatsAPlus - Google Create+ Community Manager +Sophie Bonnet recently announced a way to celebrate your accomplishments on the plus in 2016 with this new hash tag. Details are on her post
This is a great way to help more people find you.

Spam Filtering
A couple of people recently got caught with a false positive in the Spam filter. This happens because you matched a behaviour pattern that could be Spam - e.g. Posting the same thing to multiple communities, posting several things quickly, posting something with few words and a link. When this happens, don't panic one of the moderators will free your post from the hidden Spam stash at least once a day. If it's urgent then contact one of us for help.

+Richard Reeve +Tony Tulloch flew off to other places and have shared some images from their trips. I'm sure there will be more to come.

Lurker goes active +R Brockett has become active and posted some interesting street scenes from around Melbourne.

+Susan Menis commemorated Remembrance Day with an image from Greece with a single poppy on a green background. Thanks for the timely reminder of the sacrifice made by our fighting men and women. Remembrance day officially commemorates the end of World War I, but has come to mean much more over time.

+Ian Crocker dropped a historic image showing that today's city traffic is nothing!

+Nimit Rastogi shared an image of one of our photowalk waterholes burning and it might be out of action for a while so we'll need a new end point for Docklands adventures at least for a while.

+Doug Farr and +Richard Reeve went to Broadford just North of Melbourne for the Southern Classic event at the State Motorcycle Complex. I very nearly gave Doug shot of the week with the first one in this album showing how you can replicate film effects with the Nik tools.

+Terry Corbett brought us a cutesy moon and stars shot remember that the Super Moon is only a few days away. While we're not going to see any huge dramatic yellow ball like we do in Winter time it should be easier to expose the Moon and background to give it context since the Moon will be up a bit after 4pm so will be in full daylight. My plan is to find a spot, maybe just under the Bolte Bridge where I can shoot across the water towards the city. In theory the moon will rise up among the buildings and the low sun in the sky behind me should nicely light the city. That's the plan anyway. Of course I have not told work yet I need to leave about 2.45 to make that happen :).

The zombies are starting to filter in with shots from +Paul Francis and others expat member +Leigh Wheeler even came down from Brisbane with her entourage to join us at the Melbourne event.

Call for walk ideas
If you've got anything you'd like to do in terms of a walk then start sticking your hand up either to run it, or just promote the idea. The weather is getting nicer (says he listening to the rain hammer the tin roof above me).
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Join the Photograph Melbourne community if you want to play this week's challenge of TEMPTATION
Tempation is the theme for the next week. Interpret the theme in any way you like and use any device you like. Post your images to the Challenge category. Comments and plusses are encouraged.

Model: +B La'Belle hire her, she's gorgeous!
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Weekly(ish) Wrap 10/12

Next week's theme is TEMPTATION - post your images into the Challenge category. You're free to interpret the theme in any way you like and use any device you like. Commentary on the images is encouraged. [Note I've decided to announce in the weekly recap because it gets pinned].

This last week's theme was Bounce and we had a great take up with contributions by +Kelvin Morrison +Terry Corbett +Richard Hallford +Susan Menis +Matthew Panetta +Tony Tulloch +Richard Reeve +Ananda Sim oh and me... +Paul Pavlinovich

Discussion saw posts from +Richard M inviting us to Big Day Out for Dogs and +R Brockett letting us know about a free dance event called Fire Monkey

Meetups and Photowalks is full of hearts inspired by +Greg Kerr with images by +Susan Menis +Terry Corbett +Greg Kerr and one from me of Greg doing his thing.

Meet the locals seems to be cementing its place as Street Photography central for our community with images from +Ajith Thamarakshan +Kwanghui Lim +Nimit Rastogi +R Brockett should we rename this to "Street"?

City Photos saw +Terry Corbett out and about at night and +Kwanghui Lim +Ian Crocker +Tony Tulloch +Kirk Brocas and me during the day and +Peter Fogarty doing both and quite a few sunset and evening images from the same players as well as +Manh Ta Van

The Burbs were visited by +Ian Crocker who was up my way in the Dandenong Ranges +Tony Tulloch who was into some #burbanwalls and +Nimit Rastogi who went to Docklands and +Richard Hallford who made tracks and I went to Canadian Bay near Frankston for sunset.

Away was +Doug Farr was our widest wanderer this week out at Safety Beach.

Impromptu was silent - make sure if you're heading some place you post in here if you want company so people can take the opportunity to join up.

How I did it also quiet, I'd love to see some photography discussions starting up in this category.

Last but not least because I love the blur image of the week goes to +Peter Fogarty with his post along the rivets
A walk around town
A walk around town
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HCVC Show tomorrow. Great old machine photographic opportunities
Historic commercial vehicle display
Sunday 13 November
Yarra Glen Race Course
$10 entry

250+ trucks, commercial vehicles and even (for +Paul Pavlinovich) stationary engines.

Could be a good day of the weather is okay.
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Supermoon during daylight 4pm November 15th

People are choosing shoot locations all over, but generally get west of the city and look east :)
On the evening of Nov 15 there Will be another supermoon, apparently this one week be the biggest since 1948 and wing be this big again until 2034.

It would likely also be good on 14th and 16th as it will be nearly full.

I'll consult the magic of tpe later today to work out where I want to shoot from. I particularly want city buildings in the foreground to get the big moon rising so any suggestions are welcome.

Maybe this time the clouds won't come.
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Upcoming Walk with a heart

Sunday Dec 4th
Walk with heart

December 4th, 2016 1 pm. St Kilda pier all welcome

Those of you that follow my stream will know that I have a collection of images called "Strangers with heart". The idea for this collection emanated from the Chrysta Rae scavenger hunt and was one of the themes to be used. I took the theme and continued taking photographs occasionally as I saw someone in my travels. The idea was to take a photo of a stranger holding a heart.

The aim of this walk will be for each participant to take one photo similar to the one attached to this post and then to post them with the #strangerswithheart tag for others to enjoy.

Other than this theme I would expect that we can take photos of anything that we come across on the day. Be it St Kilda pier and the penguins, Luna Park or even Acland street. It should be a fun day. I have limited spare hearts if anyone needs them. Or you could make/provide your own. I look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Thanks +Paul Pavlinovich for pushing me to organise this.

Picture is of Barbara who was the first person that I approached and asked if I could take her photo. She was in the Botanic Gardens. I attempted to email her but the address that she gave me bounced. Thanks Barbara if you happen to read this.

My collection is here

#walkwithheart #thatsaplus
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The Melbourne Photowalkers Community was closed and replaced by a new community Photograph Melbourne. Anyone from Melbourne or who enjoys seeing Melbourne is welcome to apply to join.
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Gertrude Street Projection Festival is on this week
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