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i'm the worst human on earth! I just forget this exists :) in my time away from this blog, i've been working on a cosplay! GORDAN FREEMAN COSPLAY! Excuse the skirt, progress pictures of the rest of the suit coming I haven't got too much left to go - I do ...

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Well guess who went to Japan
Well I guess that's me! I didn't write much about it because, well I honestly didn't do too much! Except shop. I felt like I found another side of me when i was there..... American Vintage. Funny that, going to Japan to be obsessed with American things?  en...

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TOKONE 5次元タイツちゃん Tights
T o k o n e REVIEW I ended up accidently coming over Tokone once when I was going though a crazy tights phase! I happened to accidently again come across them from one of my bookmarks and finally did an order. These tights are are 5184 yen with tax.  5 Dime...

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So help me bread
HELLO, Long time no blogging! I've been apparently busy with life but now time to slow it all down and get back to business. Bread has and is taking over my life, so is pancakes! My love for chocolate has not dwindled, just my love for food is growing. Anot...
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