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jonathan fries
Life is all about learning.
Life is all about learning.

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Today’s #GoogleDoodle is very fun! Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces. Classical music inspired game, very cool!

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Some pictures taken for my card game Can You Help-a-Saurus!
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Perspective from the Israelis.

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I love the California method, however I'll take this as a short term fix.

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As always, the drug war has a great pyrrhic success! Good job guys, tax payer dollars hard at work.

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And this is why I don't trust science (and do). Always check the sources and then check that they checked theirs. Then reproduce the results. Then we can say its true.

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Great stuff!
On Sept. 29th, SpaceX successfully completed a demonstration mission of the upgraded Falcon 9 rocket, delivering 4 satellites to orbit and demonstrating a number of technology firsts.


Mission Overview:

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Support a Penny4NASA! :)

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So apparently playing StarCraftII (and one would presume other real time strategy games) has a positive effect on a person's cognitive functions. So its not that I'm smart, its just that I play a lot of games from the craft series... You know, my grades did go up after I started playing WarCraft II...

Link to the actual study:

I closed my finger in my apartment door on friday. It still hurts and makes it painful to type. I'm not a fan.
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