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I Write Code for a Living!
I Write Code for a Living!

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This is my favorite new site for SCIENCE. It's pretty damn interesting. Check out the back issues.

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I made a thingy! This thingy happens to be a polynomial strange attractor, animated over one variable.

Math: it's pretty, no?

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New addition to the family! Say hi to Phee!

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It's Ada Lovelace's Birthday, YAY!

In honor of this occasion, I found a comic that is awesome. Everything in it is totally true, especially the alien invasion.

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I post this.... for reasons.

I don't like the idea that girls have to prove themselves extra hard to qualify as geeky.

I've had to prove myself on occasion (I watched Star Trek as a kid, and read my first Asimov collection at 10!) and it's no fun.  But even so, I should also be able to be a newcomer, and still be accepted.

I mean, we're GEEKS, not JOCKS here, when did we become the type to kick people out of the club?

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I <3 this.

Bamford -- Yeah. I have a joke about how people don’t talk about mental illness the way they do other regular illnesses. “Well, apparently Jeff has cancer. Uh, I have cancer. We all have cancer. You go to chemotherapy you get it taken care of, am I right? You get back to work.” Or: “I was dating this chick, and three months in, she tells me that she wears glasses, and she’s been wearing contact lenses all this time. She needs help seeing. I was like, listen, I’m not into all that Western medicine shit. If you want to see, then work at it. Figure out how not to be so myopic. You know?”

So, some small hail just fell at home, and I got up to look at it. It was making quite a racket on the chimney of our fireplace, and I guess my cat also got up to look at it. I turned around and she had crawled inside the fireplace, and was staring up the chimney. She's an Okie cat, I guess.

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If there had been princess lessons like these when I was growing up, I might have been more willing to wear pink.

For all those of you who play Mass Effect 3 and finished the game: This is why the control ending is best:

"Stop punching yourself, Harbinger."

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This reminds me of Chris' Predator/Prey program, for those of you who know Chris. It was an arrow evolving program. The arrows had a certain amount of starting attributes (color, speed, metabolism, reproduction rate, agility) and the herbivores had a replenishing supply of little green dots to eat. Depending on starting variables (amount, spread, and replenish rate of little green dots, number of predators, number of herbivores, and how efficient each already was at their jobs at the start) the system would develop emergent behaviors.

We saw cases where the predators would hang out by clumps of vegitation, if the vegetation wasn't widespread enough. They were extremely slow in comparison to the prey, but they didn't need to be fast, they just needed to wait.

We saw other cases where the predators and prey would end up in a speed race, as well, each one trying to outdo the other so they could live to reproduce.

I just have to boggle at that sort of process taking place in physical robots though. That's pretty amazing stuff right there. Teaching robots how to swim, the old old old fashioned way.
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