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Annie Maddison
Over worked and underpaid and now a house renovator too
Over worked and underpaid and now a house renovator too

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It never rains but it pours...
...or be careful what you wish for: An everyday tale of renovation folk. So, Thames Water came, saw and conquered over the weekend and we now have water pouring in torrents from every tap. (And while I'm on the subject of TW, I was shocked, horrified even, ...

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If You Can't Stand the Heat...
I haven't reported on kitchen progress for a while.  We are crawling, crawling towards the finish line.  By Friday of last week, we couldn't bear it anymore.  We cleared up, moved in the bar stools, lit candles (still no power other than the one socket that...

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A Hole in One...Two...Three...?
On Monday, Thames Water came to sort out our connection to the water main.  A new 60mm pipe was to be fitted to increase the water flow to our house and make it more fitting for the distance that the water has to travel, thereby increasing the pressure.  Or...

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Kitchen: Week 2 Day 1
Monday was an odd day.  From having had a kitchen on Friday, it returned to being a building site. The kitchen fitter came, oiled and fitted the worktop on the island.  It looked lovely. (Phew!) And then it had a board put over it and was all covered over t...

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K Plus 3
By Thursday, we had a kitchen on our hands. Fancy taking a look? The front of the island   The back of the island, where the bar stools will go The island being inspected by Sprocket The view from the back of the island to the aga And from the front to the ...

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K Plus 2
And this is where we had got to by the end of Wednesday.  The island had appeared.  The doors were ready to be rehung, the extractor fan was in, as were the fridge, dishwasher and sink.  

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K Plus 1
Progress on Day 2.  More of the run of units by the sink have been fitted.  Then the electrician came to set up the wiring for the 'fridge, dishwasher and extractor fan.  The 'chimney' was created and plaster-boarded.  It looks massive at the moment but wil...

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K Day!!!
They arrived. Then it arrived. And this is where they had got to with it by the end of K +1. This is where the sink will go with the dishwasher and fridge to the left That's an undercover Aga And the rest of the room is filled with boxes and tools More boxe...

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K -1
K -1 was a Sunday and, at last, a day without workmen all over the house.  The clocks went back, which meant that we were up nice and early.  The perfect opportunity to try a full English in the Aga.  And, sorry, but I forgot to take a photograph.  It worke...

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K Minus 2
K -2 was Saturday but, despite that, we weren't free of our lovely workmen who were here slaving away on the heating and water system until gone five.  They put in the drainage for the new sink and removed some radiator pipes that were hanging from the ceil...
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