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This Page is for firms insured by Lexon Insurance Pte Ltd ARBN 098 964 740 Incorporated in Singapore Registration No: 200104171C
This Page is for firms insured by Lexon Insurance Pte Ltd ARBN 098 964 740 Incorporated in Singapore Registration No: 200104171C

Do you act for Buyers in Residential Conveyancing? Want to know the top claim risks? Would your systems stop these claims in your practice? Lexon has now commenced it’s NEW System Test for practitioners acting for Buyer under REIQ contracts. The System Test is free, runs for 1 hour with the team at your practice and qualifies for 1 CPD Point. This is offered in addition to the Sales Contract System Test (Sellers), Wills and Financial Agreement System Tests. To register for the program, please visit our website (use your QLS login and Password) -

Lexon released a risk alert today including GST Withholding commencing 1 July; updated conveyancing tools; latest cyber risks; updated tools in business, leasing, general litigation, elder law and family law; and Lexon’s newest SystemsTest visit for Buyer Conveyancing. If your practice is insured by Lexon and you’re not currently receiving these alerts, email

If your practice is using PEXA, please undertake an URGENT review of all registered users to check they are law practice staff. PEXA is aware of two instances where practitioners email accounts have been compromised, allowing an unknown person to intercept a change-in-password email and enter the PEXA system. PEXA advises that this in isolation isn’t enough for fraud to occur (it also requires a practitioner to digitally sign the settlement schedule containing incorrect information). Please take this opportunity to update your law practice passwords for email accounts, admin and server accounts, domain hosting, PEXA and any other point of access to your confidential information. Lexon's standard warnings about account detail verification remain.

Is the person purporting to be your client really who they say they are – have you checked ID? Is the email you got asking you to transfer money legitimate or from a hacker? Have you warned all clients not to transfer funds based on email only communications seemingly from your practice? These are live risks occurring across our profession again this week. Ask yourself “is this for real”. Download our free cyber training module and run it with your practice as soon as possible.

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An opportunity has arisen to join our award winning risk team in a new role for a Legal Risk Solicitor - Precedents.

This is a rare opportunity, located in our Brisbane office, to have a significantly positive impact within the legal profession predominantly in Queensland but across Australia wherever our insured practices are located.

If you like: strategic thinking, solving challenges, managing workflow processes, fine detail and the idea of your work affecting the legal profession then this is the role for you. You can apply here:

Lexon has released a risk alert today regarding the GST Withholding that is coming, the latest cyber update, Leasing update, emerging PI claims and more. If your practice is insured with Lexon and you are not currently receiving these risk alerts, email to subscribe

Lexon Insurance is pleased to release a new online module - Date Systems Review.

This module has been designed by Lexon Insurance to assist practices in reviewing their existing date systems by discussing scenarios that often lead to date-related claims.

If relevant to their professional development, practitioners are invited to claim one point per hour towards their annual CPD requirement.

Lexon has received reports of fake Go Via emails circulating today with the subject line “Your Statement is Ready”. This may coincide with legitimate statement updates. If you receive any email purporting to be a statement update, do not click on any links until you have checked the email address of the sender. For example, the sender of the fake email address today ended in ‘br’ instead of ‘au’. Clicking on such links can result in your practice systems being compromised, even if you don’t notice any immediate changes to your system. If in doubt, speak with your IT provider as soon as possible.

Many practices have asked where they might be able to obtain more of Lexon's File Note Pads. Our file note pads can be purchased (practically at cost price) by following this link:

Help the profession collectively protect itself and our clients. If you've already completed our cyber training then ask another practitioner today if they have implemented a policy of not transferring or depositing funds without calling to check email instructions are legitimate (and warning clients to do the same). Simple steps can stop funds diversions.
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