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Gavin "Gavok" Jasper, blogger and Barnes and Noble employee weighs in on BN VS DC:

The girl who had a crush on me in middle school when i was too ignorant to do anything about it went on to (coincidentally) date one of my buddies in high school. She just posted photos of their first baby on Facebook.


Really really cute to watch the people you grew up with grow up!

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Krazy & Ignatz: 1929-1930.

May 26th, 1929

Google, Apple, you jerks! I can only access G+ from my iphone and thus, i cannot participate in G+ hangouts!

This social network is absolutely pointless

My brother in blogs Kevin Czapiewski wrote about a wild Darger-esque webcomic today. NSFW, obvs.

Meanwhile, i am trying to think of a positive post to counteract last Friday's ugliness.

Kirby be praised! I have bundled up the first few envelopes of comics set to go to new homes. This is a most awkward and inefficient method of clutter control but i feel energized.

Important comics have already been claimed by friends and associates. Soon i will find a dumping ground for the leftovers and move onto the indie stuff.

Indie comics are bad because i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings by announcing "hey i'm getting rid of this, come and get it!"


Stop making comics, you guys. Seriously.

Week 2: "Weak 2."

I still cannot find my footing. I am drawing strips and a couple of short stories. I do not feel as though i have the aptitude for this! I want it to be one or the other!

I am always leaning toward short stories over strip. Even though i prefer strips for my own reading material. Speaking of which, current reading list:

Dykes to Watch Out For
Hark! A Vagrant!
Deadpool (Joe Casey & Ed McGuinness)

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Hello new friends!

Hipster Duck knew who you were when you were still underground, but would you mind telling ME who you are?


I am wasting my money. I subscribed to NetFlix streaming, but i cannot use it on my computer. I am using it on my iPhone. Immediately, i discover that i do not want to watch 2hour films on a telephone, so clearly this leaves television shows.

Developing story...

Grand slowdown. I will soon only be reading one comic book or graphic novel per month.

I am sad because i rarely take time to truly absorb things.

This prohibition does not include newspaper comics.
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