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Rob Amend
Husband, father, librarian, and amateur photographer.
Husband, father, librarian, and amateur photographer.

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Library Makerspaces and Side Hustle Support
Library makerspaces can be excellent resources for side hustlers. Makerspaces vary from library to library, but can help with prototyping products, signage, design and editing software, textile work, med ia production, and experimentation. Sometimes, this s...

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Library Support for Side Hustlers
*I'm currently working on a library workshop to show side hustlers what kind of support they can receive from their local library. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts here.* The topic I’m writing on at work is the intersection of the library and the u...

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Co-Working in Libraries: An Introduction
Photo: Amanda Mills As our economy continues to change, it's becoming more and more important for libraries to offer resources to help people who are looking for new opportunities. As companies continue to shed jobs, replacing them with automation, it is be...

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I've been off the G+ grid for a while. Here's what I've been thinking about.

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Sharing the Work
By GlacierNPS [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Working together, even to change the world, doesn’t have to involve a
great deal of effort. In the spirit of the “work smarter, not harder” mantra,
platforms for p...

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Distributed Imagination
I want to start this post by explaining why yesterday's post was so, well, abbreviated. When I returned to blogging this week, I made a commitment that I would post 60 entries in 60 days. I really want to make it a habit to provide you with a daily summary ...

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John Seely Brown and Entrepreneurial Learning
I was reading an article this morning on the blog of Irving Wladawsky-Berger (which I highly recommend that you add to your feed reader) when I came across a couple of posts about John Seely Brown. Brown was chief scientist at Xerox for a number of years, a...

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The Other Kind of Distributed Creative Problem Solving
According to an article posted in Techcrunch , IBM and its Watson project are teaming up with CVS to monitor customer data to pinpoint health problems before customers experience a medical crisis. The article reports that "CVS will allow Watson to scour man...

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Permissionless, or "Open", Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Open Innovation Community  pointed me to an interesting article from the pharmaceutical industry this morning. In the August 2015 edition of the Communications of the ACM , an article titled "Permissionless Innovation: Seeking a better approach to pharmaceu...

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Globally Distributed Creative Problem Solving
From here on out, I will be evaluating research tools, books, policies, organizations, and research according to whether or not they facilitate or obstruct what I'm calling Globally Distributed Creative Problem Solving, or GDCPS. Our problems are big right ...
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