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Maryanna Baldridge
Kindness goes a long way.
Kindness goes a long way.

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I am a Project Lead the Way (PTLW) teacher. PTLW is a program that uses computer science, engineering, and biomedical science to engage students in the type of world they are growing up in. PLTW is a curriculum that spans from Kindergarten to high school, a...

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Adding 1 More
We are working on adding one more. The idea that each number means a quantity and that the quantity goes up by 1 at each new number, is a powerful concept and is easily taken for granted. By visualizing 1 more, students can see the power behind their number...

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Winter is Here!
Ok, so it's not here in the sense that there is snow. But, it is super cold and we have been exploring the idea of snow and reading some amazing winter books! My favorite snowman story is Sadie and the Snowman. She has to rebuild her snowman every time it m...

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Welcome Back!
Welcome back! We are off and running for the new year! I am so excited to really get into USING everything we have learned in the first semester. We will be working on a variety of skills, which include: 1. Part, Part, Whole (a math concept that takes a num...

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December 30th - January 2nd

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My Science Journal: Outer Space
Outer Space is always a fascinating to children and adults! I have finally published My Science Journal: Outer Space and thought I would share some samples. My students LOVE outer space and they feel like real scientists when they keep their journals. Journ...

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Sight Word Centers!!!!!
Hi everyone, This post if for my fellow teachers who are gearing up for January in K! I have been working on a couple of things this month. The first is that I have finished my Primer Sight Word Centers . These centers include Lists 9-18 and are perfect for...

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Christmas in the USA
On Tuesday, we learned about our amazing country: The United States of America. We began our journey around the world in the USA, because it is what we know best! Also, the USA is where we are going to get our Passports! Each student has their very own pass...

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Christmas Around the World
We have begun our unit on Christmas Around the World. This year, I have students who have traveled to other countries, been born in other countries, and share a variety of languages. It is very exciting for them to see Christmas as more than just an America...

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Base Ten
This last month, we have been working with the concept of Base Ten. We are learning that it is easier to count in groups of 10, instead of by ones. We are working on organizing our thinking so that, when we count, we can look at objects in groups of 10. Yes...
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