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Making Money With Android
Follow Android developer David Webb on his journey to build a business out of Android apps.
Follow Android developer David Webb on his journey to build a business out of Android apps.

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The official Making Money With Android Forums app is now here!

This app is based on the slick +Tapatalk interface. It's the best way to browse the forums from your mobile device. Track unread threads, reply to posts & even customize your profile on the go. Push notifications are also available for instant PM notifications.

Keep up to date with the latest Android development & monetization discussions. Click here to download now!

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Want an Ingress Invite? There's an app for that.

#ingress   #invite   #ingressinvite   #android   #androidapps  

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Android Developers - are you using +LeadBolt Mobile Ad Network?

Try my new Google Chrome extension, LeadBolt Live Earnings Tracker

It shows your daily LeadBolt earnings in the Chrome toolbar.

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Begun, the Clone War has.

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A quick & simple function to get the average color of a Drawable on Android. 

Anyone got a bit of graphics experience? I'd welcome your comments on the approach I've used here.

In particular, do you think averaging the HSV values separately gives an accurate result? I was considering taking the average of H only, or doing the calculation in RGB.

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Would be great to hear from any Android Developers:

What are you looking for in a great ad network?

Comments on the original post, please! :)
Android / iOS / Windows Phone Developers

If you were to compare a few different mobile ad networks, what major features would you be looking at? What would make one network stand out from the rest?

For example:
* Developer Support
* Payment Speed / Reliability
* Average eCPM
* SDK Features
* Fill Rate

Any others that I haven't thought of?

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There are heaps of Android Games on sale at the moment - including big names like World Of Goo, Anomaly Warzone, and Osmos HD. Grab them while you can!

(Thanks +Rachid Otsmane-Elhaou)

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The latest income report is published! Some crazy revenue for November - a total of nine advertising networks brought in over $200 per day!

Check out the full post for details:

Discuss on Hacker News:

+Leadbolt Mobile Ad Network +madvertise +inneractive +Millennial Media #Tapjoy #Airpush #AdMob #AdSense #InMobi #Android #AndroidDev #Income

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New Version of Micro CPU Monitor for Android.

+ Multi-core CPU support
+ Visual improvements
+ Option for Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left orientation
+ Stability & Efficiency improvements

Also released a new PRO version, with extra features. Check it out at
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